Upcoming VGU's prediction w/ smart analysis

First of all, i will not be biased in creating this list. I will apply riots rules in creating VGU's and my testimonies. Like there should be no back to back champs to receive a rework with the same position/faction/lane. And also, they said that there are 5 teams that can do vgu's or new champs that's why having many vgu's next year is not impossible. Note: this prediction is** in order** and is after {{champion:50}} and this post is for VGU's only and not for GU's and VU's 1. {{champion:20}} - yes, he is the first one in the list (not because i dislike and hate him) its because he's really outdated ( gameplay wise and visual wise). Speaking of his gameplay, he's the most binary kit ever and tahm kench's hat has more polygons than him. And to give more justice to my prediction, swain can be played mid or top, that's why a jungler can be the best option next considering all the tier one/highly need a VGU champs are junglers and top laners. disregarding, morde, pant, irelia next after swain cause they're top laners. Not only that, but nunu can be played support too, so a jungler/support is a nice spotlight/entry next ( the last jgl/sup was ivern, last year btw). 2. {{champion:82}} - i know a lot of you like morde to be rework and i couldn't agree more because of his bugs and pizza feet. He is also the best option after nunu because now that we cancelled the jungler position/freljord/jungle lane/support, we can now assume that the position for a top lane champion can be rework and that spot will be for our lord, mordekaiser. I will be assuming that riot will drop his marksman position because he doesn't fit that at all. Maybe giving him the juggernaut treatment and can be played more on top and even a little jungle specially his ult is destined for a jungler champ (_cough_ dragon _cough_) and maybe he can not only do that to dr's but can be used to herald as well. A better fit for a top laner. 3. {{champion:84}} - more than i like the next vgu after morde to be panteon, i want to give that spot to akali, because i know riot at this time, will stay away from vgu-ing top and jungle to balance the vgu's for those other positions. I like akali very much and i know they will just modernize her like warwick. I want her emerald eyes back! and his big boobs, rito please!! 4. {{champion:80}} - lets go back to reworking top laners and that spot goes to pant, he deserves it more because just like nunu and morde, he is so outdated. And speaking of lore, his lore is so different than the current pantheon we see ingame. I also hate the long channeling in his ult because its so long and the range is not global, even semi global so it needs to be rework and give him a better ult. 5. {{champion:31}} - another jungler and specially its our void terror cho'gat. Yay void and specially void update!! Our lovely void creature needs an update cause like nunu, TK's hat has more polygons than him and need to be nightmarish. Please don't remove the growing animation though, I like cho to big and scary. 6. {{champion:10}} /{{champion:25}} - who couldn't love this 2 lovely angel to be rework?? They clearly need some love specially kayle. She is suffering from an identity crisis and i don't know what lane should i play her lmao. BTW, she could be a top laner/mid and as for morg, i personally like to say to riot that she just needs a modernization like warwick cause she's perfect the way she is, except her lore and visuals. maybe her ult could be more team fight oriented and i like her to stay as a mid laner/support laner. I think the next batch is for 2019 7. {{champion:36}} - i think at this time, riot could now visit zaun again. Giving our lovable doctor some love. Giving him the attention he deserves and update the remaining left outs in the zaun update (twitch and singed). The only thing that i could say is that make him more realistic and not the cartoony version he is now, make his skin blueish violet to look more realistic and not just purple and give him green glowing eyes and make his tongue have a dripping green oozing liquid to have the zaun elements implemented to him hence the color GREEN. 8. {{champion:54}} - now for a support, and i think its malphite's turn cause he is so dated. Specially his lore!!! i'm a lore addict btw and this is making me angry. He needs an interesting lore and not just some space alien, maybe make him a product of the rune wars. His kit is i think ok but it has more potential to it. 9. {{champion:39}} - our lovely top laner girl needs an update too you know. Her initial purpose has so much potential and can be more enchance in a VGU. Maybe make her vgu like the sion rework, meaning making her like a new champ. BTW, please if you redo her frostbite splash, don't remove the but :) 10. {{champion:42}} - just a marksman that needs an update and nothing more.... 11. {{champion:106}} - I love how voli was interpreted in ornn's lore that why i like to see him more as time pass by :D make him a top laner/support like ornn please! 12. {{champion:9}} - hahahaha one of the most binary kit ever, 3 point and click abilities and clearly needs an update specially his lore. 13. {{champion:32}} - needs an update except his ult. we love shurima and this baby needs an update, maybe drop the yordle element if you must or not. I just need a nice lore for him. There are other champs that needs an update but these champs that i have mention clearly needs priority first. maybe in 2020 we could see, blitz, ezrael, nocturne, zinxhao, rammus, udyr, skarner, etc. Thanks for reading and i need your honest opinions about my prediction.
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