The Eye in the Abyss, The three Iceborns and THE Creature

[]( So a Void creature is born - Talons the length of daggers, slashing tail, bony tusks and jutting spines... it was unnaturally fast Kinda fun, isn't it? Melting of ice, breaking of a shard, fall of a great warrior that descended into Abyss multiple times.. and now even a birth of the void creature! You could say that is... a bad [Omen]( [: --- "Omen was a quadruped demon/Voidborn-like creature" "It was speculated that Omen's thematic space had been filled by Kha'Zix, however Ryan 'Morello' Scott confirmed that they weren't related." "Meanwhile, according to Daniel 'ZenonTheStoic' Klein, Rek'Sai's design was greatly influenced by Omen." --- hmmmmm.. were they fighting **Omen** down there? haha And will we maybe see Omen making a grand return as a new spawn of the Void? Definitely not this one since it is dead.. xd
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