@Riot ChampUp Team - Is a Rumble Update on the radar?

{{champion:68}} I know he's not a very popular champion, so it probably wouldn't feel worthwhile to use resources on an update, but I do think he's still in need of one. Not necessarily that I think the current model looks ugly or his kit is outdated (I'm pretty fond of it, honestly), but I know that the current animation rig makes it nearly impossible to make new skins for, and I think that's a bit of a shame for the handful of Rumble fans out there. And although I'm bringing this up mostly because he's in dire need of love from the skins team, I would also like to hear about the direction his lore will be taken in, just in case the team would want to do a full update. I know there's been quite a few changes involving Yordles as a whole and their place in Runeterra, so I'd just like to be assured that Riot will take his current character and personality into account when moving onwards. And if there aren't any plans for it in the near future, would it be alright to start a discussion? So that you can try and get a feel of what parts of his personality or design that people like about Rumble.

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