I have some really big concerns with Jax's character

Jax's character was very simple in its first iteration. A bad-ass cocky fighter that was literally unbeatable on any conceivable weapon. He was the original one-man army. The duelist. A mercenary, he was so incredibly strong. I personally love what direction Riot has been taking Jax and Icathia. They've taken him from quote a one-dimensional unoriginal concept to quite a deep character with very core motivations. Sadly however, there is now a disconnect between Jax's presentation and his lore. I would think that an 2000_ year ancient unknown being with immense experience and strength that has the ability to fight anyone and destroy them wouldn't be a cocky and comical. He would be solemn and patient. I think it's okay for Jax's personality to be on the lighter side but I'm afraid Riot will take Jax into a direction that lacks depth in this regard. {{champion:50}}'s quote towards him: "The mind is the weapon, and you are unarmed" really disappointing me and reinforces my worries. I truly hope Riot doesn't make him a dumbed down strong man. Some other concerns I have are the originality of his character. Let me list all the champions who have taken away from his potential in being something unique: {{champion:119}} Cocky {{champion:114}} Duelist {{champion:145}} Considered a monster, but misunderstood {{champion:141}} Master of all weapons {{champion:80}} One-man army {{champion:13}} Seeking an apprentice These characters continue to develop and yet Jax is being left behind. I'm afraid all the tropes and ideas are going to be taken and Jax will be left with lackluster themes. I love Jax because of how strange a character he is. A masked warrior using a lamp-post? That's so quirky. It intrigues me. Learning about an ancient past that fuels him to continue thousands of years into the future is incredibly interesting and it's topped off by the love-craftian cataclysms of Icathia and how he survived it. That is just so god damn cool. A direction I would personally like to see is his origins. His childhood, what species he is. I truly want him to be some sort of ancient race that was hunted down and killed because of the power they have an how unbeatable they are. I would love if the ascended had something to do with it. I would love to see the dynamics of Jax holding back his true identity for thousands of years for the sake of his life or something. This "holding back my true power/form" is a trope we haven't really seen in League and Jax would be a great candidate. This exposes yet even more depth to his character and doesn't entirely attach him to Icathia as a concept. Zilean and Jax are two of my favorite lore champions and I want to read and consume so much more of their stories. A final note on his character would be him and the Darkin. There is an mistakable link between Jax and the Shuriman ascended. Jax has so many missing years and filling that in could begin with a Darkin arc. Perhaps he beat a Darkin in a situation like Kayn, which could contribute to his lack of a real weapon. Maybe he spent time in Shurima, defending against them and helping the villagers. I just want to see some connection as I think an Icathian like Jax has a really interesting dynamic with the ascended as a whole. There's a lot of unexplored territory on how they would interact if they even met. Jax, Varus, Aatrox, Rhaast or any future Darkin.
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