Problems I have with Wukong and the technique of "Wuju Style"

Hi everyone, In Master Yi's Lore Wuju is a technique of the sword - to my knowledge. In Wukong's Lore, Master Yi trained "Kong in the virtues of discipline, patience and combat, which Yi called Wuju." This is contradictory. The latter description states that Wuju is actually a combat style infused with virtues rather than it strictly being a sword-style. Therefore, based on this description, Wukong was never technically taught the sword style: "Wuju." But, instead, Yi taught Wukong a generic fighting style which Master Yi called "Wuju." Whaaaat? Furthermore, Wukong doesn't follow the original "Wuju" fighting style - he follows "Wuju Style: Wukong Edition" because in Wukong's Lore it also states that "Yi channeled Kong’s propensity for recklessness and impulsiveness into a lethally swift and surprising fighting style." Now, having an alternate version to the original Wuju may be okay... **...But Wukong's version of Wuju isn't Wuju at all and shouldn't be named "Wuju"**. Why? Because forcefully bashing things (as seen in-game when he Wukong AAs or Qs) is completely different to Master Yi slicing opponents like butter. Master Yi is more methodical; more precise and more elegant in his fighting style - as seen in-game when Master Yi AAs or Qs. The differences in "Wuju" between both characters are massive - creating another problem. Something needs to be sorted out.
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