Ixtal's cultural connections already teased by Ezreal

Hey there, I just wanted to point out something I just stumbled upon. Ezreal's field notes have been out for quite a while now. One of them placed firmly in the middle of the jungle reads: > Ah, Paretha! Such a charming village. Try the taffa-flower water, it’s got a real kick. A tribal shaman here once told me my soul was “entwined with” the Aspect of the Wanderer. Didn’t peg her for a Targonian… but I suppose looks can be deceiving. And now with the reveal of Ixtal we finally have an explanation for that curiosity. Paretha is most likely a part of Ixtal. However, the shaman Ezreal was talking to wasn't Targonian. The explanation is in the description of Ixtal on it's universe page. > In truth, Ixtali culture is much older—part of the great westward diaspora that gave rise to civilizations including the Buhru, magnificent Helia, and the ascetics of Targon—and it is likely they played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended. The idea or discovery of Aspects might have originated from Ixtal. Targonians apparently originated from Ixtali culture and focused on further study and worship of Aspects by resettling to Mount Targon. However, Ixtali seem to be quite knowledgeable of Aspects as well, if shamans are able to detect entwined Aspects. Not to mention that this further links Aspects and Ascended, since Ixtal gave rise to both to some degree. Which leads to several other question. If Ixtali culture gave rise to all other cultures who have "stuff figured out", what does their culture consist of? Does it incorporate parts of those other cultures? Do Ixtali worship Nagakabouros and the Aspects? Is their understanding of those godlike entities perhaps even more advanced than elsewhere? Do they have an advanced knowledge of the world and realms beyond in general? Is that the reason for their mastery over the elements? Edit: I interpreted something wrong. Targon, Buhru, and Helia culture do not directly descend from Ixtali culture. It seems they all stem from unknown lands to the east.

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