@Riot Any chance of retouching LoR Lv2 Ezreal's face a tiny bit?

Firstly, I just want to say -- I LOVE almost all of what I've seen so far by SIXMOREVODKA. Almost everything looks spot-on to me personally, including level 1 (unleveled) Ezreal in LoR. But unfortunately, something about level 2 Ezreal's face looks... off to me. Not like it's objectively bad, but the facial features just don't look like _Ezreal_. When talking about it to a couple friends after I pointed it out to see if they had similar issues ~~(I know I have prosopagnosia, so I didn't trust my own judgment)~~, it was brought up that he looked more like art of someone cosplaying Ezreal than Ezreal himself, so it does seem to be something more than just I have noticed. Riot, I know you've occasionally retouched art on release (and distinctly remember Lux getting an entire new splash when concerns over her original were voiced by the community). Would it be possible to just retouch Lv2 Ezreal's face a bit to just bring his features more in line with the way Ezreal is normally depicted? (Again, to clarify: I have no problem with the face itself. I don't think the anatomy is bad, nor are there glaring artistic errors or anything. It's a good face. It just doesn't seem like _Ezreal's_ face. I also mean no disrespect to SIXMOREVODKA, who does amazing work and I can't even begin to imagine how much work went into the seemingly endless artwork produced for LoR.) IMGUR link is to an album with the art as viewable in LoR, in case anyone hasn't downloaded it, is browsing from mobile, or whatever else. That's the actual in-game art, unedited or anything.
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