Watch me be more creative than Riot.

Inspired by another game I appreciate more than League, I set aside about 284 seconds and made a champion concept. I can't use her actual name for legal reasons (probably), so I'll simply call her "Foxy". Because, you know, she's basically a fox. Somewhere between a fox and a cat, really... Anyway. Quick and dirty, here we go. **Foxy, the Dancer of the Sun** **Stat Spread** * Attack: Foxy's attack is below average. It's a ranged attack with a fairly short range. * Defense: Foxy's defense is low. * Utility: Foxy has great base movement speed and is capable of dodging passively, which helps her survive. * Role: Foxy works best as a tanky support, but can also top if played skillfully. However, what makes her a tank isn't her stats, but how she uses her skills. She requires skillful play to be effective. **Resource:** Energy * Foxy uses Energy. **Passive: Feet on Fire** All movement speed effects on Foxy are increased by 25%. While moving or attacking, Foxy gains stacks of Sidestep. At 100 stacks, Foxy dodges the next basic attack or targeted ability. Attacking grants 1 stack per attack, while moving grants 2 stacks per unit moved. **Q: Dance of Delerium** (Cost: 25 Energy; Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 sec) Foxy taunts all enemies within a very close radius for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. For the next 4 seconds, Foxy gains 35 Sidestep stacks every time she takes a physical attack. **W: Alluring Step** (Cost: 55 Energy; Cooldown: 10 sec) Foxy gains Quick Tap for 7 seconds, which grants a Hype stack to herself and nearby allies every time she Sidesteps damage. Hype adds +6 (+1 per level) adaptive AD or AP for 4 seconds, refreshing with each stack. Additionally, Foxy gains +20/25/30/35/40% attack speed, and passes half this value to allies who come near her. Activating Alluring Step cancels Captivation and removes Silent Tap. **E: Captivation** (Cost: 55 Energy; Cooldown: 10 sec) Upon activation, Foxy and nearby enemies gain a shield worth 100/200/300/400/500 (+60% AP) for 4 seconds and Foxy gains Silent Tap for 7 seconds, which heals Foxy and nearby allies for 40/80/160/320/480 (+30% AP) every time she Sidesteps damage. Enemies who come near Foxy have their attack speed reduced by 40% and their movement speed reduced by 20%. Activating Captivation cancels Alluring Step and removes Quick Tap. **R: Rosso Passione** (Cost: 20 Energy; Cooldown: 100/90/80 sec) Foxy ignites her limbs, causing her next three basic attacks within 12 seconds inflict 100/140/180 (+80% AP, +40% AD) bonus magic damage. When the third attack hits, Foxy gains Fever Pitch for the next 3 seconds, which triples all Sidestep stack gains. Sidestepping an attack reduces Rosso Passione's cooldown by 1 second.
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