New Rumble skin's animations absolutely need to be tweaked before hitting live.

Badlands Baron Rumble Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends
This is a teaser spotlight of Badlands Baron Rumble with ingame gameplay! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): Price: 1350RP Skin name is CONFIRMED as Badlands Baron Rumble, particles & SFX may not be final. Check out the other skins in this cycle.
The initial teaser of Badlands Baron Rumble got me hyped, like, really freaking hyped! After 4 years Rumble gets a new skin, and the things shown in the teaser look this amazing, model, recall animation, first peek at the sound design, it all made the skin look very promising, me and lots of other Rumble mains got really excited, it was also nice to seea few folks outside of Rumble playerbase sharing their enthusiasm. But later on, when the skin finally hit PBE and we managed to get a closer look at the skin, it felt somewhat underwhelming based on what they wanted to do with it. Now,there could be a lot of debate on what needs tweaking in terms of VFX, SFX, VO processing, but what everyone can agree on is that animations absolutely need to be tweaked, particularly: Idle animations, emotes, death and Scrap Shield haste (W). Since all of them pretty much share the same problem I'll try to cover them all in one go. This problem with those animations is that they were directly carried over from the base model, which makes them that more awkward because those were designed with Rumble's legged mech in mind, whereas in BB's case, the mech has tank treads, those are usually meant to be heavy, adhesive (sticky if you will) and generally don't move all that much besides putting the vehicle in motion. So to see those tank treads on BB Rumble just floating above the ground and shaking uncontrollably when he's just standing still feels really off, and makes the skin look very rushed, cheaply made and all that bad jazz. It is especially confusing because BB Rumble actually got a new walking animation, where none of these problems are present, the mech is still shaking but it's much more emphasized on the upper part of the body, tank treads are sticking to the ground and only share the previously mention slight shaking effect, and this in turn makes the argument of Rumble being hard to do animations for really fly. They clearly can do it, and they clearly did do it already to some extent, if Riot doesn't follow through with this design choice the skin is going to suffer a lot of unnecessary damage. Also if you're interested in how the emotes look like, since they were not presented in SkinSpotlight's video, I decided to record a video myself to present them (mostly showing the overwhelming floor clipping or really weird movements): [link]( I really like the concept of the skin, I freaking adore what's been done so far with it, and I really want the 4 year long wait to be worth it, this is why I'm hoping that Riot will take those comments into consideration and make proper tweaks.
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