Quinn Discussion and Annie Splash Updates

#Quinn. Let's talk about Quinn, no; Let's talk about Nunu. Nunu got changed into Nunu and Willump. However, Nunu only does one move; and that's throwing snowballs. It's more like just Willump now. But nonetheless, it got changed to Nunu AND Willump. Now let's talk about Quinn. Quinn used to be Quinn and Valor, but then got changed into Quinn. However Quinn and Valor work together more than Nunu and Willump. Valor does Q, Valor also does W, Quinn and Valor work together for E. ( Quinn vaults off of the target and Valor directly after marks them. ) and Quinn and Valor work together for their R. ( Quinn is lifted up by Valor and Valor deploys Quinn to do an aerial attack afterwards. ) And Valor passively helps Quinn shoot exposed enemies for extra damage. It sounds like Quinn and Valor are more friendly than Nunu and Willump will ever be. So why is it not Quinn and Valor? #Annie Splash Updates When champions age, the splash arts end up not being in line with others. You did Miss Fortune and Xin Zhao, we should have Annie's splashes reworked. Super Galaxy, Hextech and Sweetheart will be left untouched.
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