Butcher Appreciation Thread

Upon picking Camille, she says the line, "Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon". That got me thinking about butchers. Everyone sees butchers as dirty and stupid. Renekton is crazed and not a very good guy, bloodthirsty, etc. He's called "The Butcher of the Sands". Consider, also, the butcher from Diablo 3. Gruesome, evil, horrible character. So for Camille, this clean, upper-class woman from Piltover to say this about butchers makes me sad. She clearly looks down on the lower class and doesn't like them. Butchers need to be precise and have an understanding of the animal they're butchering to give people the best cut of meat. I don't like this idea in media that butchers are bad guys. Please raise awareness for this.
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