@Riot, Janna's Faith

So, Janna is a spirit/goddess that watches over Zaun and Piltover, but primarily Zaun, and acts as a guardian and protector for those in most need. Apparently she has been around long before Piltover wa sbuilt above it, and possibly as far back as when it was still a Shuriman outpost, as her lore doesn't give any timeline landmarks, such as the Fall or Shurima or the Invasion of Ionia, to help get a proper grasp of how old she is, only that she existed long before the modern Zaun and Piltover. Despite this, we actually know very little about her. Aside from that one mention in "The City of Iron and Glass" a short story I highly recommend people read, and that people in both Zaun and Piltover open up their windows on Progress Day, so Janna can "blow out the winds of last year, and bring change" or something along those lines, she's simply nowehere else to be found within the entirety of the Zaun/Piltover lore. Being a researcher of faiths and theology, I can't help but ponder the intricacies of how exactly her "faith" works. Is there an organized priesthood, or an order of any kind that tries to spread belief in her? If so, do they perform certain rituals, or wear a type of clothing to signify this? Given that Janna is a wind deity, and the wind is associated with lightness and usualy of a more selfless nature, it would make sense if believers of Janna would go without, choosing not to live in excess. Aside from the few makeshift shrines that can be found according to Janna's bio, is there a house of worship, or perhaps maybe a monument to her? This wouldn't be entirely out of the question, as she did appear in person to help the people of Zaun when it fell into the ocean, and if her short story "Deep Breath" is anything to go on, she appears often enough. How do believers of Janna, and Janna herself, view the followers Viktor? For those unaware, Viktor actually has a following, as people have set up a religion around him and his "Glorious Evolution, which is explored in one of Camille's short storys. If any Rioter could answer even one of these question, I would be incredibly grateful. This is just a little tid bit, and my own personal opinion, and while I do love the new lore for Janna, on her own she seems amazing, but once you put her into place with the rest Zaun, and around all the other Zaun champions, it comes off as though she has very little actual impact on Zaun.
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