For real though, Fiora gets a paragraph!

"''I have come to kill you for the sake of honor. And though you possess none, you will die just the same.'' The most feared duelist in all of Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her indomitable will and haughty pride as she is for her skill with the blade. She was born to Demacia's House Laurent, a once-proud family whose reputation was tarnished by the actions of her father. In an unprecedented move, Fiora challenged him to single combat and, upon winning, took control of House Laurent. Defying the Demacian establishment, she has set about restoring the reputation and pride of her family name, one duel at a time."" Fiora's paragraph is proof the Lore team is trying, despite all the crap we give them, and I think we should just recognize that (even if her face is still awful)
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