Wild Thought: PROJECT: Reckoning Skins Give Me Norse Mythology Vibes.

So, it had occurred to me last night that the new PROJECT: skins feel strangely linked, moreso than the "product of a bad situation" that does unify the new cast. Call me crazy, but I think most of the new PROJECT: skins, if not all of them, may have some nod to Norse mythology. **Pyke** - With his abilities and emotes involving snakes and serpents (even bringing up a big serpentine machine in his recall), Pyke has a lot of visual cues pointing to Jormungandr. **Warwick** - If there is Norse mythological inspiration involved in these skins, Warwick's would be very on-the-nose, since his being a mechanical werewolf likens him to Fenrir. **Jinx** - A fragmented personality and even, to some degree, a noticeable physical split in her augments (her arm, specifically), Jinx could be likened to the half-rotting goddess Hel. **Akali** - Similar to Warwick, Akali's potential inspiration would be fairly obvious, since as a conniving, duplicitous double-agent, she has a lot of similarities to Loki. I can't really place Irelia, so she may be the odd one out of the group, but there may also be something else to her that I'm just missing. And, of course, wrap all this up with the fact that the outcasts are trying to bring an end to PROJECT: - or at least, Pyke is, while the others are out to take down Warwick, and you have an event at least somewhat analogous to Ragnarok. But, of course, I could simply be imagining things and creating inspiration where there really may well be none, but somehow I feel like the skin bios and visual thematics link up _too_ well for it to be a stray coincidence. If anyone has any thoughts on this idea, or perhaps an idea as to what Norse mythological figure Irelia could take inspiration from, I'm certainly open to hearing it.
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