Omega Squad Twitch is Lackluster

I love the idea for an omega squad twitch skin, and I mostly like the new skin (that back animation though), but a few small changes would make the skin much cooler. 1- Too much green on particle effects This skin doesn't feel distinct enough from regular twitch. I understand the theme overall has a lot of green in it, but right now the particle effects on his passive indicator, Q indicator W, and E look way too similar to his base skin and don't make it feel worth 1350. I would love all these particles to be red to match his lazer sight, but if we can't move away from the green theme we should at least make them more teal like tristanas skin On the topic of particle effects, his passive indicator and w indicator are generally incredibly boring besides just the color. Just doesn't feel any different than regular twitch. 2- Sound effects are lack luster Entering q sounds the same as classic while the ambient noise that plays while invisible is cool. W sound effect is unchanged which is disappointing. On the good side, his auto attack noise and his E sound nice and distinct. Lastly, while the particle effects look cool on his ult, the sound effect for it is sort of a bland gun shot noise. Compared it to Tristana or Fizz's ultimate sound effects it's very underwhelming. Perhaps its a bland ability to begin with, but maybe at making the particles on twitch be a bit more transformative would make the ult feel cooler. Honestly, this point is my personal biggest gripe with the skin. It just doesn't sound cool or very distinct. I don't get to stare at my model much in game, but I do get to hear cool sound effects even when I'm concentrating on laning or fighting. For the 1350 tier, the skin should have all sounds sound much different than the base skin and I don't think omega squad twitch delivers on that. 3- He's holding the knife by the sharp end! Small thing but I would be sad if it shipped like this. 4- His model is lame This is a big change so I held it to the end and I don't expect the model to change so far into development, but I feel like it should be said. He looks closer to "chemtech twitch" than to omega squad. He would look much better and more omega squad like if he got a full mask sort of like teemo has. The thing he has on his head now just looks off. ____________________________________________________ I play a lot of twitch and really want to buy this skin. However in its current state its very underwhelming and not worth the price tag at all. I'll probably buy the tristana skin as it is right now, but I'd happily shell out the 1350 for the twitch skin too if they made it more distinct from his other skins.
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