Coven: Skins Team at the top of their game!

I'll just cut to the chase. I think the new Coven line is as close to perfect as I have seen in this game, and it represents a monumental achievement for the skins team. Don't get me wrong, a lot of recent skins have raised the bar in terms of quality and execution, but I feel that Coven takes it to the next level by starting with homeruns on concept and theme. Reasons: * Coven is an open-ended theme that encourages imagination. * Coven is a theme that plays into champion identity without replacing it. It's easy to imagine Liss being exactly herself while using shadow magic. Or that Camille might have turned to shadow magic instead of Hextech to achieve the same ends. * Coven is cohesive without being overly rigid, and this works best when a theme can be layered on top of free-standing fashion designs and skin concepts. In my opinion, this is where Riot has started pushing skins to the next fucking level. Look at Immortal Journey and especially Odyssey (K/DA to a lesser extent), and you can spot design elements shared across the skin line, but they are all distinct in color and construction. And it's nice to see Riot exploring broadly-defined themes without the degree of visual uniformity (either color or shape) that ties together lines like Blood Moon or Warring Kingdoms. Imo, Riot's newest skin lines, especially Coven, showcase not only talent but a new level of confidence. I hope the line will continue! (Starting with Zyra, thx).
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