Relationship between Targonians and Aspects? I am so disappointed that in Kayle and Morgana's new lore there is no any new thing about Targon Prime and origins of Aspects.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} So, THE MOST MYSTERIOUS race before Yordles! My Questions are: **1. Targoninas are just**, or at least were just a normal race in the early time of current universe, like Runeterran people, from certain planet? Or they are from another plane of existence or another dimension, whose existence form has always been spirit or some unknow cosmic energy? **2. Aspects arise from Targonians** (for example, some ascension form in the celestial world, same as Shuriman Ascension), or Aspects created Targonians? Or they are just two different type of creatures who work together? **3. In Soraka's new lore it mentions: ** > An age ago, when time itself was young, the inhabitants of the celestial realm regarded the fledgling races of Runeterra with growing concern. So, what is this "inhabitants of the celestial real”? And why they care so much about the runeterra people? Are they targonians? Are they aspects? or they are someone else? ** 4 . Another quote in Soraka's lore:** > These creatures deviated wildly, unpredictably, and dangerously from the great designs intended for them by those above. The guidance and fates that had been woven into the night sky often went unseen—or worse, were misinterpreted by their simple mortal minds, leading to chaos, uncertainty, and suffering. This means that the celestial beings is watching and guiding or even controlling the mundane people. Only for Runeterra? Or they just do this on all civilizations in this universe? AND WHY THEY DO THIS? They are natural celestial beings? or they are targonians who arose by hand of aurelion sol from another ordinary planet, and now just wanna control all the universe? ** 5 . Still SORAKA'S lore.** She mentions pantheon, leona and diana, and seems that she know them and know how the aspect ascension work. If she is not an aspect,what is she? A targonian normal inhabitant??? Or just another race of celestial beings cause there are many races in the celestial realm like in Runeterra? They what is the relationship between Soraka and other targonians and aspects? ** 6 . So how many celestial races **out there are in the universe? They are all called targonians? Or just targonians conquered them all? so now it is a united empire? **7 . Why did targonians slave aurelion sol**, if they are such a poweful race cause in Sol's lore it says targonians had already got the ability to colonize out of their home planet? But why 3 years ago, a rioter said that what Sol's thinks and knows about Targonians is not 100% accurate because even he doesn't know what are targonians and where they are from? ** 8 . AGAIN, in Q&A, Riot mentioned that some celestial beings created current plane of existence producing at the same time the world runes.** Then, what are these celestial beings? Are they targonians ? aspects? or targonians and aspects? If they are targonians with such power, then again, why they need to slave Sol? 9 .。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 OMG PLZ, this drived me crazy!! I am stuck in the process of lore video making for this unknown information.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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