One thing really disappointed me about the new champion.....

The communities negative response. The champion hasn't even been released and people are already crying OP, Troll Pick, and Boring. Can we not wait to see some actual game play and strategies before we start declaring this champion a success or failure? I remember people declaring the Gnar would never be a great pick because of his uncontrollable ult, that Rek'sai would be super weak because her ult didn't deal damage, that Bard would only ever be a troll pick along with Tahm. Doesn't this show that at least until the champion hits PBE we might not have the best idea about what this champion will turnout. I for one love the theme and look of this new champion, it looks really beautiful. And sure some of the mechanics we have seen before but is it really that bad? I think the ult is really interesting and I cant wait to see how people use it. Overall, I am excited to see this champ in action but will reserve my final thoughts when I actually get to watch and play this champion.
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