Prestige Points Cost

I was just wondering how much the prestige Aatrox skin cost and found: TL:DR Prestige Aatrox costs you $139.46 AUD The best deal for prestige points is the Blood Moon Capsule Combo at: 168.75 RP per PP (Prestige Points) Ordinary Mastery Work Chests: 225 RP per PP Mastery Work Chest Combo: 173.0769231 RP per PP Blood Moon Capsule: 187.5 RP per PP If you need 100 PP and it costs 168.75 RP per PP. 100 x 168.75 = 16,875 RP. Which means that, if you were buying the $100 AUD RP combo, $1 can get you 121 RP so 16,875 divided by 121 = $139.4628099 AUD to get the Prestige Atrox skin. Ridiculous right?
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