LoL Ekko is a Loser Champion Who Cannot Win Fights Honorably

...Ekko, Riot's Newest Champion, isn't skilled enough to fight and win by himself he has to mess with flow of spacetime to predict enemy moves: Looks like someone been watching a bit too much Prince of Persia. I am just wondering when {{champion:432}} will take his magic toy away from him to prevent him from messing up the flow of spacetime so much. O wait such logical lore interrelations is too much for RIOT to handle... #DELETESUMMOERS _EDIT: LOL the downvotes... This community is so gullible to every huggable champion RIOT makes I am honored by all of your downvotes: The truth hurts I know... At least you could *try* to adhere to RIOT guidelines:_ >From RIOT Opeli "[Where Story Happens](" > >Upvote/downvote on content! Votes are your friends! Downvotes should be used for comments and discussions that aren't relevant or don’t add to the discussion - they shouldn't be used to express disagreement with another player. _First of all this isn't an argument about magic; nor what weapons people use, this is a philosophic (Space/Time) and Lore argument: It figures people who don't care about lore in the first place don't have the intelligence to understand this. Reposted what ye shall be considering before spam voting._ > > Why {{champion:432}} ? Becaue every time you rewind time you create cracks (depending on what theory you are basing it upon) that over time can cause unexpected catastrophes. Given Runeterra is already "susceptible" to magic abuse (reason the League was created in order to reduce magic use) messing with its time is a 1-2 punch that in theory would destroy Runeterra. > > Especially if he uses his toy in an environment of lots of magic being used... such as a large scale battle. > > Also, simply having ability to counter everyone, is a power that shouldn't be had by anyone... as only people who also have chrono magic to counter ({{champion:26}} ) could control it. > > > Basically Ekko is a danger that cannot be countered by normal means and such unchecked power is dangerous. > How is this cheating? It is cheating/dishonorable because you are messing with time... time is an inherent fundamentally that shall not be messed with: Messing with time has been shown; in SciFi theories or otherwise, time and time again to cause problems. Furthermore doing something that is otherwise impossible and without counter is also cheating. The idea of the League is to have honorable combat with fair set of rules to resolve disputes between summoners. Although the resulting in-game mechanics is less so... in theory EKKO is unkillable and cannot lose if he can mess with time in such a matter: _If that isn't cheating IDK what is._ >"Why is a Time-Reversing Device bad?" The ability to reverse time as desired goes far beyond what could be considered even remotely reasonable. Imagine if everyone in LoL could "rewind" time like EKKO... you would have total chaos and Runeterra would probably explode. Therefore allowing EKKO to have it but not others is dishonorable. >"What even is honor, anyway? Just a random buzzword that gets thrown around over and over by people trying to sound cool." Well something that apparently nobody here understands. Makes sense given that MOBA/LoL community is effectively the most toxic in all of Video Games (even EvE Online is put to shame). _Honor is about achieving greatness with a noble purpose. You can win or lose honorably... however it means that you "win" even if you lose; and if you win, you win even more._ For example... stomping low levels in contested zones in World of Warcraft might _feel good_ but it accomplished nothing. Killing a professional player in PvP however means something. The concept of Honor is fundamental because it defines _Why do we Fight and What we are Fighting For_. IN other words: Why do you Play League of Legends? The REAL reason. RIOT already addressed this concept of "The Summoner's Code" (which isn't technically lore based for the EKKO discussion) which all players "supposedly" agreed to. The point of this was to ensure some sort of Honor among players in terms of player conduct. The same principle can be extended to lore and the Institute of War. Battles are supposed to be conducted in a manner that serves the existence of the League. Now before people go all "retcon" mode for example... even with changes Honorable combat still has its part to play in LoL: Else the whole point of arranged matches between 2 teams has no purpose. In summary; Honor is about giving meaning to victory. Without meaning there isn't any reason to fight. > "Fighting with honor? You mean a fair fight, right? Why the hell would you ever participate in a fair fight? They give you a chance to lose." Again: The League of Legends; governed by the Institute of War, and engaged on Fields of Justice,_ is supposed to be honor- based combat in order to resolve political disputes._ If battles are not honorable the League has failed it's oversight. ...not like Lore matters anymore of course... Indeed it is so...
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