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1. Ghostcrawler said ''multiple releases each month''. Is this a dream or reality? Will there be months that we won't get a comic or a month we will get 2-3-4 comics? If we get a comic each month... It sounds unbelievablely good. Too good to be true exact. If this is right exactly, will we have like 20 comics at the end of the year at universe? Which both tells origin stories and makes the lore go forward? 2. And did you set a point where you check regularly and see if the comic thing was a failure(I alone will work to prevent this if there is such thing) and stop doing it? 3. I know the answer but even if I buy the digital version i will still have to buy the pyhsical one right? I hope there is a store in EU so I don't have to pay +10$ for shipping like i have to do with Blizzard...

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