Teamfight Tactics is actually the perfect lore opprotunity.

"Wait what the fuck are you talking about?" One of the core components of AutoChess is that you upgrade units over time: You start with a weak unit, then combine 3 into a strong unit, then combine three of those strong units into a perfect one. This is actually the perfect chance to flesh out a core part of league: Character appearances. Let's start with {{champion:86}} as an example. Level 1 Garen is Garen as he was just joining the Demacian army. Recognizeable, sure, but wearing training armor and with a much less ornate weapon. This is Garen as he is as a child/young soldier. From here you have two options: 1. Level 2 is Garen as he is leveling up and learning. Better armor, better weaponry but still "less" than his in-game appearance. Finally, Level 3 is Garen as he is in game and at the peak of his "power"/championness. 2. Level 2 Garen is as he appears in game, looking "normal". Level 3, however, is Garen at his apex: Years of experience, champion power and skill have refined Garen into the ultimate warrior. Aged, wizened, scarred but above all else: Legendary. You can even sell or unlock these skins as defaults or chromas, appearances of champions that aren't at their best or who have ascended beyond their best. Either way, I think Teamfight Tactics could be the perfect chance to add some spice and canonical appearances to champion looks.
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