Skin Needing Visual Update or Something

I really feel Sona's Arcade in game skin needs updated. She's the dullest in color compared to the rest of the arcade skins, and she is the ONLY arcade skin without a special back. Basically, what I am saying is compared to all of the other Arcade skins, Sona's looks dirty. Like she took a bath in dirt, and then decided to join everyone on the rift anyways. Don't get me wrong, she has some bright colors like her hair and some of the buttons on her "keyboard." However, that doesn't take out the fact that her dress and on look very dirty in comparison to the other skins. Or at least, that's just my opinion. For visual comparison: [Hecarim]( [Miss Fortune]( [Ahri]( [Ezreal]( [Corki]( [Riven]( [Sona]( Edit: Sona & Miss Fortune pictures have been re-linked because for whatever reason the original hyperlink wasn't working.
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