Ashe: Warmother. Issue 4 Available now! (in special addition or free!)

League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother Special Edition #4 (of 4) - Comics by comiXology
The series conclusion! Taken in by the Winter's Claw, Ashe may have found hope for her future... but power struggles and insufficient supplies have destabilized the tribe, and Sejuani must seek help from questionable allies. Ashe has the potential to tip the scales - but when the time comes, what side will she choose?
Ashe: Warmother. Issue 4. Available now! Please, please give it a read and tell your friends! It's available or "the frees" on Universe: It's also available as special edition on Comixology. And the special edition version is available directly from Marvel And yeah... The Special Edition contains: Single page view Double page view Guided view (It fills device with a single panel and moves you through the comic in a kinda cinematic way.) The full Script for Issue #4 The updated Glossary for the series. Thumbnails (layout) Inks (uncolored) Colored panels (without the text bubbles blocking Nina's artwork!) And yep. I'll try to answer questions between my meeting today. (edit. added marvel link. And lol I don't know how to fix the title. "edition" not "addition.")

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