Should the other Darkin fear Varus? ##A few things to remember... * MAGIC - All of the Darkin {{champion:266}} {{champion:110}} during the time where their madness kicked in after the battle of Icathia, out of that pure loss of sanity they all turned to using all sorts of Magic (we don't know too much about this part yet). * DARKIN WEAPONS & HOSTS - We know as of now that most Darkin are Ascended beings that are imprisoned within each of their weapons. Humans or other living beings that come in contact with any of the Darkin weapons, begins to feel vulnerable and eventually they succumb to the Darkins and are under full control of them. Every Darkin we know of so far has only ever managed to take control of 1 host, yet Varus is the first one who was able to take control of 2 human hosts at the same exact time. * PROGRESSION & POTENTIAL - While someone like Aatrox might be more fearful for his size, strength or general power levels of destruction, you have to take into consideration that Aatrox has been using the same Host for a long time thus why the body is so monstrous and corrupted by now, and due to the nature of his Magic he can't die and can't change his host (or at least that's what i'm understanding anyway from all the voicelines of Aatrox where he keeps wishing to die). Now Varus has been trapped for a really long time in Pallas Temple, and with his arise he did something that no other Darkin managed to do in their whole time and he's still fairly weak, since he's still fighting for control and adjusting to the new body that he designed himself. ##So what i'm getting at is... * VARUS IS NOT FINISHED YET - Varus did something so bizarre so early on that no other Darkin has done (He became a Darkin Hybrid), we still don't know what the true nature is of his Magic is and we don't know how strong he can become because of it, and I think this alone is something to be afraid of even if he only now looks just as a simple Darkin with some human parts and a Bow as his main weapon, even his Magic what ever it is could be his secondary destruction tool that he hasn't shown to use yet, it could be the Blight or something else as well.. ##Questions... 1) Do you think the other Darkin fear him? 2) Do you think that they potentially hide that they are afraid of what he could fully become one day? 3) Do you think that they should be afraid of him, because of how distinctive he seems to be from them in a scary unpredictable way?

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