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**-Date of posting :** _03/05/2019_ (March Fifth of 2019) **-TLDR :** There are a few Champions out there who, despite a huge visual, lore, and world update, still don't feel quite right... **-Side Note :** The Link to _A Twist of Fate_ is for the use of the discussion of a particular Champion, or possibly your viewing pleasure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **-Champions in question :** Amumu, ~~Fiddlesticks~~, Kindred, Shaco, Skarner (Open to additions if a strong enough argument is presented) **-Goal :** Discuss the (percieved) flaws/ticks/plot holes of specific Champions that relate to how they react with the world or, in vice versa, how the world reacts to them. (IE, if a killer scarecrow exists out in some forgotten field, why has nobody, you know, hunted it down? Why do people still go near there if, time and again, people disappear with only skeletons to mark their passing?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **-Notable Exceptions :** There are plenty of Champions out there who are _supposed_ to have a flare of mystery to them; Bard and Rammus are two such examples. They are not the _only_ ones who are like this, but they'll be sufficient points of interest for explaining why we aren't discussing nearly a tenth of the Champion roster. {{champion:432}} -Bard is a completely alien entity, "A traveler from beyond the stars", and hence only even a part of Runeterra because of the interest he(?) personally takes in it. To reveal any further lore, at least at this point in time, for Bard would be to ruin him fundamentally; it's the same reason that Jhin is never seen without his mask, that Jax never takes off his helmet, or why Nautilus is encased in his ancient diving suit - - to know the answer of what lies beneath would ruin the beauty of the question itself. {{champion:33}} -Rammus is one of the older Champions in League, and he's a favorite of many. I personally have a friend who feels, and I quote this, "Rammus is honestly one of the greatest champions because despite being fully explained and built upon he's still one of the greatest mysteries out there." And in all honesty, I whole heartedly agree. Rammus exists in this zone of mystery where it has taken a comedic and almost fanatical tone amongst the people of Runeterra and the LoL community in general. The question of what he is has been raised over and over, and it eventually bled through into his lore. Is he a mutated creature? Perhaps a casualty of the Rune Wars? Is it possible that he's a god? We just don't know, and much like with Bard, that's the beauty of it; the mystery of the Champion works with it, instead of against it, and adds that unique touch of humor and wonder to the canon of Runeterra. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But that's enough dilly dallying. We've gone over our examples, now it's time to dig into the meat and potatoes of the discussion. **WARNING :** I am a Serial Rambler, and if you need a condensed version of each of these discussions, skip to their endings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:32}} **Amumu :** The Sad Mummy I've chosen Amumu first purely out of spite, and I DO mean that; Amumu is a Champion who, despite having great lore and concept, makes me want to cry. If you've read the short story that was written for Amumu during the revamping of League a short time ago, then you might feel the same way I feel about him lore wise; he has been vastly improved upon, and his tone has been carried over through the years fantastically. I mean for chrissake, there's a music video about the little dude and it's amazing. But here's my issue, the nag, the itch that cannot be itched; he looks like _garbage_. I could go on for hours about the lore and such for Amumu; I should know, I just deleted all of it from this document and was horrified when I caught a glimpse of my clock. See, in the story, context clues give away that yes, Amumu is a boy prince from long lost Shurima, likely of human descent but possibly born into an "Ascendant" family, and that he died. When he is described in the story however, it's similar up to a few points; Amumu is easily recognizable as a human child, and that "Dull, ghostly light emanated from the deathly boy's eye sockets", so we have a solid appearance now set for him as well. And that's where I begin to hate Amumu; why is it that he's wrapped up in green party streamers and has hard candies for eyes in all his art? Plenty of time has passed for him to get a visual update, but no dice. Recreating him to look similarly to Annie would not be difficult to do, and all you'd have to do is change his wrappings to a color that makes sense, like aged cloth (Because for those who are unaware, cloth does not turn GREEN with age, it just turns gradually darker.) Now if the design is supposed to be "Oh, but it's green because the bandages are completely molded over from his tears and time spent in the tomb" then yeah, I can see that, but he's not exactly stuck in the tomb anymore is he? RIOT, you've specifically stated that he now wanders THE WORLD looking for friends, so that moss/mold is gonna have either fallen off, worn away, or otherwise have been killed off from exposure to new bacteria in the atmosphere. I'm not saying get rid of the concept completely; just, if you're going to make him moldy, speckle it on top of bandages that LOOK like bandages. Second and final point, we've established that the necrotic energy that fuels ghosts, wraiths, undead in general on Runeterra is a pale blue/green, and I'm sorry, but if your current excuse for keeping his eyes yellow is "he died in 'egypt' so his death color is yellow/gold" then I have to ask what exactly happened to you old friend. And before you go saying, "but thresh is pure green" I counter back that when you layer enough of a color on top of itself, it becomes exaggerated, and since Thresh's whole schtick is "I absorb you when you die" and you consider the number of souls he's likely collected over the countless years, then he's perfectly fine where he is. So there you go, make the bandages and proportions realistic, and fix the color of the magic that's forcing him to keep living. Simple art fix, bit more of a difficult in game visual fix, but the end of our discussion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:9}} **Fiddlesticks :** The Harbinger of Doom (Temporarily resolved, here for historical purposes.) Fiddlesticks is what inspired me to start reading into the lore of Champions back in 2014 and to write this discussion in the first place. An unknown entity that was summoned into the Institute of War by a rogue Summoner, so fierce and cruel that none could even enter its chamber without being slain? Chills my friend, I had chills. And I love what they've turned him into now as well! Don't get me wrong, I still miss "The Executioner of the Institute", but he never really felt like a champion that screamed "I'm bringing doom" back then. Nowadays Fiddlesticks picked up his kicks by being a lonely old farmer who was blamed for bringing about plague and famine, then given a horrific and nearly sacrificial death at the hands of people he thought he knew, thought he could trust. I essentially read his new bio and was like "yeah, that's good, I'll leave it there." Because lets be real, a corpse turned scarecrow that utilizes dark magic and the influence of what is almost certainly a demon or dark entity to control a murder of crows? Now _that's_ a champion that screams "I'm bringing doom". But then I discovered that Fiddle has a story tied to him. And that's what finally set me off. RIOT, I just gotta ask, how could you do your boy Fiddle dirty like that? Really? Bandits? It ending with him essentially tripping the last guy, standing on his back and going "hippity hoppity, get off my property" before killing him is just... lame. What happened? I know that you still like Fiddlesticks, I mean you gave him a friggin' Praetorian skin not long ago. So what happened with the lore? Did you lose interest halfway through writing it? I mean come on, the Fiddlesticks we all know and love from your cinematic _A Twist of Fate_ is what we're looking for, not goddamned Elmer Fudd. I digress, time to stop digging my heels into your back, much like everyone's favorite scarecrow apparently did to our inconsequential bandit protagonist; we should discuss what was good and what was bad, and maybe even some in-game improvements if we're feeling plucky enough. THE GOOD : You made him scary. Yes! You did it. A fitting backstory, the implementation of "wychfire", oh hoho, you had me good. It just felt so _right_ for Fiddle. And can I just dwell a bit longer on that whole "wychfire" thing? That was brilliant, ABSOLUTELY brilliant! Fiddlesticks is an incredibly unique entity, so the fact that he has what might be an incredibly unique force driving forth his relentless vigil is incredibly intriguing and inspiring; playing that unstoppable force of inevitable doom is "unending"ly satisfying. ThE bAd : He's a scarecrow. I get that. But if he's "The Harbinger of Doom", what the hell is he accomplishing standing out in the middle of a field 24/7, 365? I'm gonna reference your cinematic, _A Twist of Fate_ here again because THAT'S what Fiddlesticks should be doing, wandering the countryside in search of lone travelers or isolated groups, laughing maniacally as the crows rip them asunder. Like I'm gonna be real, attacking bandits? Really? How is that bringing about doom? If he had attacked, I don't know, a small farming village or rural town, that would've made more sense, would've given the reader a sense of evil looming at the borders of society, moving in to bring about our reckoning whether we're ready for it or not. But that wasn't there, not in any sense of the word. All I can suggest here is rewatching your favorite slasher film, get a feel for a relentless, insane, unfathomable killer and restart there. T h e U g l y : This is a minor thing really, more of a pet peeve, but could we get a Fiddlesticks in game who looks and moves like the iconic Fiddle of (referencing it again) _A Twist of Fate_? Fiddlesticks feels incredibly slow not because of his movement speed, but because of his walking/running animation. He hops from leg to leg like he's traveling via two pogo sticks, and it's really just not working out. I mean, c'mon, there's nothing _wrong_ with having a really agile but paper thin mage. It'd make sense too; the man's not a man anymore, and I'd argue that he's quite a bit lighter (and perhaps supernaturally stronger) than he once was, meaning that the jerky, jumpy movements that we've seen in the cinematic wouldn't be too unfeasible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:203}} **Kindred :** The Eternal Hunters I asked myself a question before I picked each of these Champions to discuss, and that question was what, if anything, would be something I'd like to see changed about the champion, and Kindred was a quick pick out of the crowd for me because of a blaring question I've had since the moment of their conception and introduction to League; What the actual fuck are they doing here? Now don't get me wrong, I love the character. Great design, concept, etc. But if you're the physical embodiment of death's eventuality, what exactly are you doing on the Rift, a place where dying amounts to a re-spawn? Now I can personally draw a couple conclusions of my own from this, but the problem is that it isn't even _mentioned_ why the two of them are here. Just showed up one day, went "yeah, I guess I'll fight here from now on" and that was it. She could've been tied to the Ruination event that created the Shadow Isles, she could've been an Aspect, she could've been a freaking forgotten god from a long lost culture, but there's nothing there. Nothing. It's paper thin, in fact it's thinner than paper, it's just a big fucking hole in their character, much like the carving in Wolf's mask. Now there's one saving grace, the only thing I could possibly see if it's none of the above. Maybe, just _maybe_, you're holding out on revealing a future Champion who defied the Lamb and managed to escape the Wolf, and Kindred work their way through the League to bring that individual to their predestined death. That is LITERALLY the only excuse available at this point in time. Like make no bones about it, I understand that your departments can get HELLA busy with creating tie ins for Champions and making sure everything is lore friendly, but Kindred has been out for 3 years. Yes, you might remember this but on October 14th of 2015 you released an interesting and well designed Champion into our hearts and lives who just didn't make any fucking sense. So please, you've got me on my hands and knees here, begging you from the bottom of my heart - - can you provide anything, literally ANYTHING, that ties Kindred into the world? Because it just feels like they're here for fun at this point and that's incredibly boring. But that's it. I'm not gonna rag on gameplay. Not gonna rag on design. Not gonna spout off about viability. Just. Please. The Lore. Something. Anything. Even just a footnote that says "Oh yeah, they're here to accomplish this task in case you were wondering." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:35}} **Shaco :** The Demon Jester I'm not gonna bumble around with this one; Shaco doesn't even have a short story. See, back in the days of 2014, Shaco used to just be a homicidal maniac who was presumably both incredibly gifted in illusion magic and incredibly twisted in his sense of humor, which was absolutely _perfect_ for a serial killer. (Side note, you really like your serial killers, don't you RIOT?) But then lore updates happened. You made Champions better not just visually, but from a storytelling standpoint. In fact, you buffed Shaco's status from serial killer with a bad sense of humor to _Demonic Doll that eventually succumbed to dark energies, gaining a life of its own and setting out to "play" with people._ Now if that isn't an improvement, I'll see myself set on fire and fed to fire newts with an accompaniment of finely aged wine. Like taking a step back for a moment, bravo guys, you earned some gravy points with that lore update. But then, something has occured to me. Where does Shaco operate? Does he roam the world, killing whenever the desire to "play" strikes him as a particularly good idea? Or does he perform for people in an area around where his original owner died? We don't know, and _that's an awful shame because that means he essentially doesn't tie in to the world anymore._ Old Shaco was theorized to be a mercenary, particularly a killer for hire, implying that many of his performances, much like Jhin, would occur in public, for the audience to be dazzled or amused by. Now he just runs around killing people for shits and giggles, and that's far too bland for such an amazing character concept to be relegated to. Hell, he could even be akin to Orianna; they're both sentient creatures that were constructed for a purpose, Shaco's being entertainment, and hence he could've been gifted to a child in Piltover long ago, or maybe to a child of an important Noxian Family (Noxus because its one of the few places that I can imagine a killer doll managing to hide itself in the alleys of.) Perhaps if he had been in Piltover, he would've been discarded after the child's death, falling into the depths of The Sump, and eventually animating in the dark alleys, which is one of the few places I can picture Shaco operating efficiently. Because if Shaco works in broad daylight, we get Jinx syndrome, where he's just a criminal nobody can catch, and at that point Piltover is just gonna have to give up on being a place that can claim to be orderly and lawful. So for the sake of lore and continuity, please, give him the story he deserves and define what exactly sets him off; if he does travel the world (for some reason) then maybe there's something that ticks him off, like laughter or the sight of a child. Work with it guys! You created a magnificent character, one that's fun to play and strategize both as and against. Just fit him into your world! Build onto him! Take the creative liberties that only you, the owners of his intellectual properties, can take! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {{champion:72}} **Skarner :** The Crystal Vanguard First of all, the great splash art replacement era is over. And what do I spy with my little eye? Skarner's splash art. Not much to say there except update it. Secondly, can we just talk about how cool Skarner is for a second? A giant crystalline scorpion with a _badass_ voice to go with his visuals. This is actually more of a light hearted part of the discussion, because honestly I hate saying shit like "wow, this is so wrong" or "fix this, it's bad". It's just that some of the Champions _really_ need a better tie in or implementation of their lore in the world. But I digress, if there's anything to fix or alter, perhaps you could explore the unique relation between Malphite and Skarner; both being creatures tied to the primal magic of the earth (Earth being the "element", not OUR planet) they'd very likely have some connection, tie, bond, etc. Perhaps Skarner and Malphite meet and give each other meaning, both of them having lost something incredibly important to them and scouring Runeterra for what little is left of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are, of course, a few examples and by no means the definitive list/discussion of what should be changed, if any changes at all should be made. In fact, I'm certain that there are people who will disagree with me on some, maybe all of these things I've discussed, and I heartily encourage that. Please, if you have any thoughts on this discussion, maybe something to add, change, repeal, just let me know. I'm always down for a healthy discussion, and I hope to discuss that with those of you who feel the same. I've got a Discord if you really need to get in touch with me for some reason, and can be found at Deltarizon#5244. I feel it is necessary to repeat that I'm open for a _healthy_ discussion; if you're gonna contact me just to tell me I'm shit, or that my opinion is wrong, or something along those lines, feel free to do it, just know you'll be promptly ignored. If you want to discuss it calmly, analytically, and essentially in any way that doesn't devolve into shit talking and threats then again, you can reply to me as you desire. I hope that this has been as clear to any readers as I see it being in my mind, and I hope you folks have a swell rest of your day. Yours truly, The Aspect of Idiocy
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