Trundle and his troll tribe looking so big "giants" in the comics

So here's thing I'm Trundle main and I wanna know more about my main so first thing comes is that his size does change like when he uses his ult he becomes 3 times bigger, and stronger faster, heal faster etc.. But without his ult, his size is as big as normal buff human. My theory is that when these Trolls in their home Freljord they gain massive size and much strength because it's their environment, very cold environment for them will give them full healthy energy, but outside their cold home their sizes changes and they get smaller it's what we see with Trundle{{champion:48}}. Means if Riot wanted to go with the lores and make them part from the game modes, Trundle should be much stronger,faster in the aram and his ult is unlocked all the the time and no cooldown on his skills.
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