This years ultimate skin

With GG MF almost being 1 year old (release date being March 22, 2018), that means that we're getting close to the release of the next ultimate skin (hopefully). I'm so curious as to what it could be since DJ Sona and Elementalist Lux set the bar *so* high for skins that even Riot admitted that GG MF just didn't quite hit that mark. So far we have Pulsefire Ezreal (adc), Spirit Guard Udyr (jng), DJ Sona (supp), Elementalist Lux (mid/mage), Gun Goddess MF (adc). I can't wait to see who/what they thought was deserving of an ultimate skin! Anyone have any thoughts/wishes/ideas? I think I'll be happy as long as it isn't given to some fan favorite LC$ champ just for a quick buck.
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