Does Janna Have Healing Powers In Universe?

So we all know that in game abilities are not always canon or truly represent what a Champion can actually do in Universe, take Garen's ultimate for example. However, with Janna, I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Can she actually heal people or not? Janna originally started off as an ocean spirit, above it rather than in it, sending winds to help sailors, directing them away from storms, while sending storms out against those who deserve it, which doesn't have anything to really do with healing, nor imply she had healing abilities. Since becoming the protector of Zaun, her wind based powers have stayed the same, but now she uses them help people in unique ways, and if her color story "Deep Breath" is anything to go on, she doesn't really use her powers to directly help people, more so just a tool she can use at will. In the only instant that could have implied healing effects, when she blew out the corrosive gas as the people were sinking during the creation of the canal, it only says that they suddenly could breath again, but that's simply because she blew all the toxic gas away. What brought this question to me was when I read Soraka's updated bio, and it says that she sometimes goes into the depths of Zaun to heal people's lungs. If Janna could heal people, why would Soraka be down there healing them? Sure, you can argue that it's just because Soraka's nice like that, and the poorest of Zaun could always use more help, which they could, but I just don't think Riot's writers would have two champions with similar abilities stepping into the same role in the same domain. While I do hope that Janna does have healing abilities in lore, mostly because, again, Zaun is a shithole that needs all the help I can get, I would find it interesting if she didn't have restorative powers. It helps express that you aren't restricted to helping people by fighting their enemies like Braum does, or simply healing like Soraka. Through indirect actions, and wise and kind words, you can make just as big of a difference, and that's how I view Janna in lore.
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