Skin Ideas for Mordekaiser and Aatrox

What are some skins that would most benefit and enhance these two mighty champions? Any skin would need to meet these requirements: 1. Fit their theme of serious warlords (any holiday skin would still need to be dark especially for Aatrox). 2. Be a more popular skin theme that fits many different champions (no mecha or praetorian) 3. Fit their designs and weapons Here are some ideas: Blood Moon/Dark Star Mordekaiser (black hole in the middle of his chest or mace) Dark Ice Mordekaiser (a frozen skin made of black ice for Freljord, if Morde ever went their and conquered it, become the Ice Lord) Dark Star Aatrox: his face can have a mouth with sharp jagged teeth just like the other DS champs and with two sharp horns on the head. This is my favorite design idea for Aatrox. Infernal Aatrox Meowdekaiser: a cat skin for Morde that fits with the Cats vs Dogs and other dog/cat april fools skins. Instead of a onesie, he wears armor and helmet that is all cat themed with a mace shaped like a paw with extended sharp claws for slicing and smashing. Cat based skill effects. Please let me know your suggestions and ideas for these two or other champions.

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