Jayce's new lore now implies that Viktor is a full-blown Psychopath

Riot has responded to the Viktor concerns at the top of the Story Board, implying that Viktor will be performing 'dark deeds' for the 'greater good'. [You can read the post, here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/OLcOHyxh-some-thoughts-on-viktor) I've posted there; and I encourage everyone who supported this thread, or has an opinion on this change, to take the opportunity to do the same. Riot IS listening, guys. It's just a question of how hard. Hop to it - let's try and start a conversation! ----- For those who have missed it until now, Riot has released a brand new take on Jayce's lore; and his relationship to Viktor. If you're feeling adventurous, you can read the full story [Here](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/11/piltover-story-page.html). But for the sake of simplicity, I've outlined a few major character/plot notes: * Jayce is a rather egotistical jerk who considers other scientists dumb because they have to 'try' to do science. * Jayce specialises almost exclusively in gadgets and transforming tools. * Jayce and Viktor are now friends and work colleagues before their inevitable falling out (how cliche!) * Viktor beats Jayce up to steal his crystal (apparently before becoming a cyborg) * Viktor (at least through Jayce's eyes - though the writing suggests this isn't meant to be limited to perspective) has** no moral compass**. * **Viktor dismembers bodies and - dialling things from 0 right up to 11 - orders his robot servants to kill Jayce the SECOND Jayce comes to meet him in person.** {{champion:112}} **"Kill him."** Forgive me for being presumptuous, but this doesn't look like an opinion piece; orchestrated by Jayce to justify his retelling of events. This sounds like a history. A history that lazily paints Jayce as a jerk in order to appease what will no doubt be the *heartbroken* reaction made by The Machine Herald's fanbase. I see threads praising the writing, the story, and character development; and I frankly wonder how. There's no genuine lead up to the Jayce murder attempt. Or the Crystal Pilfer. Or even a practical example of VIktor's immorality excepting these two instances of confusingly-framed antics. Nevertheless, Jayce now considers VIktor a FULL-BLOWN PSYCHOPATH. And - judging from Viktor's desire to stop dock workers from disobeying their superiors - the story is only too happy to agree with his theory. --- #A blast from the past ---- https://s.aolcdn.com/dims5/amp:f9efb2c7f8ff25bb9a3ff340a0fd98a21131d461/q:100/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blogcdn.com%2Fmassively.joystiq.com%2Fmedia%2F2011%2F12%2Fvicktor.jpg "Meet Viktor. He's your basic nice-guy scientist who has one teeny, tiny bad experience and decides to turn his entire life into comic book villainy. Feel sorry for him or don't, he's going to rend you limb from limb either way." http://i.imgur.com/pC2Hd.jpg --- This is NOT how it was supposed to go, Riot. Viktor was a gem; a character with potential depth and complexity unrivalled by the rest of your roster. He didn't BEGIN his life obsessed. He didn't take revenge for the crimes and injustices wrought against him. He worked tirelessly; hungrily; for a future he saw. He had a cause, he had a _**drive.**_ For it was not rage that defined him; Nor was it a desire to see others tremble; There was no madness in his gaze (for what little of a human gaze could remain); Instead, there was tranquility; and a powerful Resolve. For Viktor had seen the future that his bubbling mind promised; and he now sought a means to attain it. http://img3.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/asset/wallpaper_760px_4682.jpg Look at his stance; as he stares out upon the horizon, gazing down upon the rock and crags as he strives to reshape it. Where are the bodies? Where is the terror? **Viktor never was terrifying.** He was beloved by those untouched by paranoia; and trusted by those he aided. His inventions improved the lives of the very city, around him; traditionally a slum made up of poison and poverty. Not even Piltover considered him a threat. ... But there was always the fear, however - the paranoia. Viktor COULD go bad. And with power like his, what man could resist him? ----- # **Enter the Jayce.** ---- {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:126}} In one fell hammer swing, VIktor's future didn't seem so suggestive. He'd been naughty already - so why not again. Jayce RETCONNED Viktor's past, to make him fit the narrative of something to be afraid of. No longer was Piltover indifferent to VIktor - it was *worried* about another attack. It was so stupid; It was lazy; and so **DISTINCTIVELY** out of character, that a significant number of fans actually ended up **dismissing it** as a product of Jayce's delusional mind. And the lore was changed one more time. And Viktor was made less 'evil'. But the damage remained. You weren't done, though, were you? WERE YOU, RIOT?! ---- #Viktor, Who is He Now? --- Yes, who indeed. When I look at Viktor, I don't see the depressed idealist. I see a frustrated scientist who could 'totally do better'. I don't see the waste worker. I don't see Blitzcrank team member. I see a man expelled from an academy, because he doesn't respect one's free will. NOW, VIktor is implied as amoral; killing and harvesting and terrifying locals. NOW, Viktor has a precedent for opposing free will; where in the past he sought to refrain from imposing HIS, upon others. NOW, Viktor kills in cold blood without hesitation in the most UNREASONABLE of circumstances - Though I'm certain an attempt at justification will be made. {{champion:112}} **"B-but what if Jayce tells everybody I'm doing robots again and the government gets me? Jayce never understood, y'know? GOTTA KILL JAYCE NOW - GET HIM, ROBOT SLAVES!"** **[[Robot Slaves]]: "YES, CREATOR!!"** I'm crushed, guys. I truly am. Nothing has ever perplexed me more, than the way the lore team seemed _so_ unable to comprehend the characteristics that made Viktor's character unique. I mean; * When he fell into depression, he defied convention - dipping into mad science; but risking the effects on himself. * He repressed a desire for revenge and, approached by the frail, found himself pressured into helping them thrive. * He was spurned by his peers - his plea for justice denied; but when he achieved the means to seek retribution, he turned the other cheek. * Even after Evolving, he sought to inspire others to see the merits of his designs. When the League still existed, this was the only place he ever became involved in conflict (until Jayce). I mean, his history was damn Golems and Waste Disposal. And he was HEARTBROKEN when he was denied the chance to claim responsibility for his contributions. He was **naive** - bordering on a delusional level of honesty - in a city that was filled to the brim with the corrupt and scandalous. Viktor wanted to change things for the better. But now? {{champion:112}} "Kill Him." --- --- I don't think VIktor's lore will be able to fix this. And there is zero hope for Jayce being a sociopathic compulsive-liar, instead. I'm distraught.
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