Lamb and Wolf: Teaser Reveal and Speculation

Listen to their tale
Uploaded by SkinSpotlights on 2015-09-14.
We have a teaser video now. Very interesting, very intriguing. Watch, then read below. I think the most interesting part of this teaser isn't Lamb and Wolf themselves, but they way they are presented: As spirits, coming from **wood**. This is -very - interesting, because of the explicit mention in Maokai's lore. "Before the Shadow Isles became a land of death, the islands teemed with natural life and beauty. This was never truer than in the isles' sacred forest: a paradise of thriving trees and countless species, both animal and spirit alike. When the king of the Shadow Isles ordered his sorcerers to crack open the barrier separating life and death, the forest served as a well of power the magi drank deeply from." A sacred forest, before the Shadow Isles were transformed, filled with spirits. These two are clearly spirits, and are tied with Death, as the teaser suggests that they are Death who chopped himself in two. But maybe it's not 'our' version of death. Maybe, before the Shadow Isles became what they are today, they had a different version of Death: A version of death with Pale skin, black hair, and who wielded an **axe**. In what ways this ties them exactly to the Shadow Isles, I do not know. But it is very apparent there's a clear link between Lamb and Wolf, and the Shadow Isles -before- they became a land of undeath. Thoughts? Speculation? Your own interpretation? Post below.
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