Rioters, can you explain two questions??

Hey dear rioters, I am doing a new LORE videos, which is the Taxonomy of Runeterra Races. But I met two problems that I can not find a clear explanation in the LORE. 1. Aurelion Sol created the Planet Runeterra? Or he just created the Stars (since he is called Star Forger)? Stars, means the entity that shines and heats, unlike the planet. If not, the world runes has nothing to do with Aurelion Sol right? 2 . What is the home planet of Targonians? In the lore, it says Runeterra is where Aurelion Sol got trapped by TARGONIANS (Confirmed) But this dosen't mean Targonian's home planet is exactly here, since the lore of Aol also mentions that: "when AOL arrived Runeterra, Targonians had already extended their territory into other planets" which means, it is possible that they met Aol during the targonian expasion....{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} So I am very confused. Can RIOTERS TELL ME ?? Thanks
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