Shipping time!

I'm surprised I haven't seen one of these recently. Come now, 100+ champs and no recent shipping threads? Blasphemy. Time to make one! Why? 1) I'm nuts and 2) why not? Moving on... {{champion:86}} x {{champion:55}} - lets get the obvious one out of the way first. It's been stated these two are very much into fighting each other. A bit too much. Who knows, maybe their fights are just a form of dating? Love takes many shapes. {{champion:68}} x {{champion:18}} - Rumble's mecha is named Tristy. Coincidence? I think NOT! {{champion:27}} x {{champion:69}} - Come now, what's wrong with a bit of toxic love? You can practically smell the love in the air. Even though his combination would be hell for everyone else. {{champion:119}} x {{champion:119}} - ...... Do I even need to say anything here? And finally... {{champion:45}} x {{item:3089}} - ..... What? Go ahead and put your shipping pairs here. Don't be shy.
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