Pls stop complaining about the Star Guardians skins

I get it, you are upset your main didn't get the new shiny skin, but could you please stop / tone down the complaints ? --- #Intro: First of, why do people forget that every skin line so far shows **alternate timelines** or **entirely different universes** ? Aatrox is a demon, yet he has a Justicar Skin. Poppy is a paragon of Demacia and has a Noxus skin. Olaf is a no-nonsense warrior that wants to die in battle, yet he is also your best Bro. Star Guardian plays in a "Magical Girls" Universe, with all it's cliches and own lore. [Check out their page]( to see more... "The call" shows a modern playground that clearly doesn't fit main Valaron and looks more like real life and "Translating Worlds" takes place in a "normal" high school, which should tell you that this isn't normal Valaron. This means that most of their canon lore can be safely ignored (no Piltover to wreak havoc in, No Demacia to carry a Hammer around in), leaving their **visuals**, **personalities** and** weapons** as the deciding factors for this skin line. --- #Visuals: All Star Guardians (so far) are young girls or at least characters that look very young (Yordles), which makes sense considering we are talking about a Magical **Girls** themed skin line. --- #Personality: In retrospect the team composition makes an awful lot of sense (or at least is very cliche): We have the charismatic leader: {{champion:99}} That serves as the Heart of the Group and unites them The edgy bad girl: {{champion:222}} The rebel of the team, who is more about fighting than spending time with her team The strong/dependable girl: {{champion:78}} That views herself as a soldier and not a hero The smart/calm girl: {{champion:40}} Who is the Mentor of the Team and wiser than the other The funny/childish girl: {{champion:117}} Who is more focused on the fun magic than her duty These are all personalities that you often see on shows like that and they do fit with their canon personalities (to a certain degree) Jinx is still about destruction, Poppy still doesn't feel worthy etc. --- #Weapons: Every Star Guardian wields a wand, or at least a representation in the form of a long weapon ({{champion:222}}s Guns and {{champion:78}}s hammer). While some may argue that a sword could also serve as a replacement ({{champion:92}} {{champion:131}}) it's a fact that swords are hardly ever used in the classical "magical girls" stories in favor of wands / blunt weapons or magic guns/bows (only show that features swords I remember is Madoka), mainly because physical attacks on the monsters were avoided in kids shows and having magic weapons that shoot varying colors of light was a good way around censors. Since those girls were suppossed to be "ordinary" and their powers came from their magic pet/crystal, their weapons served as a catalyst for their powers and most of the time their inherent magic ({{champion:134}} {{champion:163}}) was far to weak to fight a monster. --- #Honorable Mentions: {{champion:16}} Considering she has a wand and a fitting personality the main reason she isn't part of this skin line is probably because she already is a star themed healer, putting the skin to close to her canon form to really stand out. {{champion:267}} was my prediction (seeing as water is my favourite element). Since she has a staff and a loyal/curious personality, but the lack of legs might have cost her this skin. --- #Afterthoughts: If you think I missed anything or am completly wrong, feel free to point that out, but please keep a civil tone and be open for discussion. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Ignore this Rant if you want, I just wanted to vent after seeing so many people complain about some very good locking skins (K maybe Poppy needs some particle changes), for no other reason than they wanted X champion to have it instead. With that said... Floraider out {{summoner:31}}
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