Total Skin Count and the List of Heavily Controlled Limited skins

So currently we are sitting at 812 skins including the newest Hunter Project Skins and Zoe's Skin. Of those there are 23 skins that have never been rereleased in their original forms. UFO Corki ^ Medieval Twitch - Grey Warwick - Young Ryze + Black Alistair + The original 3 Pax Skins -Jax -Twisted Fate -Sivir " Riot Singed ^ King Rammus (Beta Tester Reward) Judgement Kayle(Season 1 Reward) Silver Kayle + Rusty Blitzcrank (Only discontinued Skin) 7 Victorious Skins (Gold Rewards) -Elise -Graves -Janna -Jarvan IV -Maokai -Morgana -Sivir Triumphant Ryze - Championship Riven " Original URF the Manatee(WW Skin) " " Skins that got a small design change or were given a special border for the original owners when they were re-released but are still considered separate skins. ^ Specifically the skins that this post is addressing. - Skins available to obtain through legal methods IE. Honor Capsules or winning a Tournament + Collector's Edition Skins For the skins not given for something like Ranked rewards, Beta, or Collector's Edition stuff or obtainable through other actions like Honor system, more specifically the UFO Corki which was given as a reward for anyone playing in the year that League won a video game award, how many would be against that one being re-released? Cause I missed that deadline by weeks. I had been in Basic Training and AIT for the Army before that period and heard little if anything about LoL. Also for the larger fanbase on the global market I think it would be a show of support for the areas of the world which couldn't or didn't know about LoL to re-release this particular skin since its one that was given because of Fan support of the game. Also I am not sure about how Riot Singed was gotten as there is a bit of conflicting accounts when I searched I believe it was given at an event similar to the PAX skins but different?
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