What would Kalista's Judgment be like?

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100917003131/leagueoflegends/images/9/98/Institute_of_War.jpg I'm curious to see what the lore community thinks about how Kalista's Judgment might go. What's the essence of her personality that would come out? What would she make of the League's member-states? Does she have a sense for more than personal vengeance? What nations have been betrayed? Can she sense all the betrayals and backroom assassinations that have taken place in the Institute's halls? Or has she been drawn in by the other Champions, whether those who have been betrayed or those who have themselves committed treasonous acts? What about her backstory? What we have so far is that she was from the ancient days of the Shadow Isles, when "everything went wrong," and that she was some kind of great military leader. How might that play into it? How does she view the current masters of the Isles? What about her personality? She seems pretty inhuman so far, but there are hints of her human personality that still remain. Externally, she's all "VENGEANCE!", but what's still inside her, if anything? How much internal cohesion does she have? Would her Judgment bring out Kalista herself, or would she just be another bit of soulstuff among an enormous jumble of vengeful souls? Would they even be able to sense the "original" Kalista anymore? --- Some initial thoughts: * She's scary. She is going to freak the hell out of whatever poor sod gets stuck with looking into her mind. There are lots of scary Champions, but she makes a "living" out of reaching into the darkest thoughts of others. She'll almost certainly rifle through the Summoner's mind. * She's more a bundle of souls than a single being now. It'd probably be hard to find Kalista herself. (But I'm not sure about this: the other obvious concept would be to have her own soul as a luminous anchor for the others. But I really like the idea that she's become a voice for the voiceless, and anyone looking into "her" thoughts is likely to get pulled into others' stories.) * She can sense all the betrayal and deception that's taken place in the Institute's halls. * What's her alignment vis-a-vis the Isles themselves? For various reasons, I think it'd be good to make her legitimately "SI" rather than anti-SI like Maokai, but that might take a little slanting. The Isles are full of betrayed souls, and the souls of betrayers; she might speak for the vengeful dead in the forum of the League. * The League probably entices her somewhat, because it's super-charged with magic and packed full of neurotic Champions half of whom have some sort of betrayal element to them, and because of all the callous duplicity of politics, but in the end she views it all with some measure of contempt. She'll come to fight from time to time, but she's not one of those Champions for whom the League is a major part of their story. That would need to come through. * **[Idea, with hat-tip to Narasimha.](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/pQYv1KEk-what-would-kalistas-judgment-be-like?comment=0002)** So far, it's been assumed that once someone takes the oath, Kalista goes and gives them their vengeance, npnp: nobody can stop her. Well, what if someone did? What if she failed? What if she attacked the betrayer, but they proved so powerful that she lost the fight, and failed to uphold her end of the deal? What if it hurt her somehow, threatened to break her apart into chaotic bits of vengeance-stuff? That might be a good moment of story progression that would lead her to seek greater strength. So she goes to the League to fight against Valoran's mightiest Champions, to gain the power she needs to keep her oath. The broader context of the League might prove a troubling backdrop for her, as she sees betrayal on a worldwide scale. Could she avenge an entire nation? * Might there not be another force at work here? So far, she interacts with people pretty much exclusively in the form of her spear-oath. A mind-link with a Summoner would expose her to "ordinary" human (or yordle, or whatever) thought again. That would be pretty interesting to see. I toyed around with something like that involving Renekton and a naive young Summoner in **[Against Apocalypse.](http://leaguefactions.net/11-against-apocalypse/)** It very much risks being "too cute", but it can be illuminating to thrust a Champion into a new headspace, forcing them to be a little more multidimensional. --- In the spirit of full disclosure, I may well be writing something like this for Factions—we've never yet done a lore update simultaneous with a Champion's entrance to the League, but this is the first Champion since the Great Retcon, and maybe it's time. (If I do end up using ideas from this thread, I will of course provide due attribution.) But right now, I'm mostly just asking from a general story perspective.
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