The problem with Child of Zaun

Does anyone else think that Child of Zaun was written a bit heavy handed? I get that the writers wanted to focus on character development and cement the idea of Urgot as a terrorist, but the way they wrote the story wasn't very... tactful. I say this because while it does accurately portray Urgot and the Voice as extremists, it also portrays Roe and her angers as wrong. Yes, the Voice misguided her, but the overall message is true. Zaun IS oppressed, the chem barons and clans DO rob them of what they deserve. I think the scene that most accurately portrays this is when Vi speaks up at the sermon. Her whole argument is that hes nothing but a false prophet, lying to people to get power, but she was wrong. His methods were extreme and violence is almost never the answer but the Voice was a true believer. He wasn't just lying to people for power, he and all of his followers rightly wanted change in a system that had been systematically oppressing them since they were born. While the story accurately portrays extremists as dangerous, it fails to realize that sometimes (commonly, actually) the revolutionary is right. MLK was seen a terrorist by a not insignificant portion of the populous and the government, the FBI was constantly surveying him. Despite this, he pushed forward change in a society that DESPERATELY needed it. The Voice was wrong, but Roe and her ideology are not.
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