The whole thematic argument doesn’t work here

Sports skins in general pretty much don’t “fit” any of the champions except for one part of their character, looks, or kit. It doesn’t make sense for Darius to have a basketball skin other than that his ultimate dunks people. It doesn’t make sense for Rammus to have a soccer (or football, if you prefer) skin other than that he rolls into a ball. It doesn’t make sense for Ivern to have a basketball skin other than that he’s lanky like a stereotypical basketball player. They don’t play any of our sports nor is it likely that many of them would, so by the logic presented on these Boards recently, there shouldn’t be any sports skins. Maybe you don’t like the model or the particles or even just the name. Maybe you wanted a different theme or felt like this one could’ve been done better. I am fine with any of those since they are completely subjective. However, when you try to make a logistical argument to try to say that it’s objectively bad, that’s where things fall apart.
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