A subjective history of Noxus.

So I have too much time to spare in my evenings and I comprised this rough timeline of relevant Noxian history. It works backwards from the very earliest days of Noxus all the way down to modern history. If you're familiar with Noxus lore, then none of the details will be surprising to you but this is a rough concept of a timeline, so let me know if you think anything is missing or out of logical order. Oh and I too was surprised by how much of a wall of text this ended up being. ##1000-600 years ago: >* Most of Valoran is terrorized by a baleful warlord, who becomes a revenant to prevent himself from defeat. ___ * Centuries later a monolithic fortress is raised on the eastern edge of Valoran, to safeguard the bones of the revenant. ___ * Eventually a pale sorceress convinces a confederation of tribes to storm the fortress for a final assault on the tyrannical revenant. Victory ensures. * Taking up residence within the besieged fortress, the united tribes build themselves a new civilization. * At some point in this time a cabal known as the Black Rose emerges from the shadows of the new society. Their motives seems to be puppeteering the monarchs and leaders of the world. ##599-300 years ago: >* An ostentatious aristocrat, Vladimir is born sometime during the empire's earliest days. _(if I’m at all accurate about this and perhaps I’m not, this would make Vlad particularly old. Beating Ryze by quite a bit.)_ ___ * Battle of Drugne: the First Legion fins themselves out-matched by a barbarous horde, only to prove undefeated after the aid from a crazed, lone wanderer. ___ * Rune Wars happens at some time around this point. It's unclear if this particular war happened at a similar time to the Rune Wars in the southern continent or if Noxus was even involved in this War at all. What is likely though, was that this war resulted in the exodus of the proto-Demacians. As well as evaporation of Leblanc's public influence upon history. ___ * An extremely elite band of warmages known as the Arcane Fist are surprisingly decimated after an expedition into the Greenfang Mountains. ___ * A noble women returns to the capital as the sole survivor of a clandestine voyage to a distant island, she comes back bearing an artefact from the journey. _(this artifact may or may not become the blade in Sion's head)_ ##299-100 years ago: >* An army of Demacians march upon the capital _(unexplained how they even managed to reach central Noxus, were they not an expansionist empire back then, meaning their borders was significantly smaller?)_ . It's here that General Sion battles with king Jarvan. Defeated but not beaten, Sion strangles the craven king with his dying breath. * Following his death, the Black Rose uses the dark magicks at their disposal to resurrect Sion's body. With his unnatural strength, unwavering rage and insatiable bloodlust- Sion is reborn a monstrous war machine. * Shortly after, Noxus retaliates against Demacia. It is upon the fortress in Andras that Sion is unleashed for the first time since death. Enemies and allies alike were to become the casualties of the Juggernaut's rampage. * Proving too chaotic to control and ashamed of what Sion's become, the Emperor of Noxus _ (not Boram?)_ imprisons him within his own mausoleum. ##99- Years ago: >* Many great battles, successful or otherwise have taken place over the course of Noxuian history- the Battle of Fallgren; Siege of Rugg; Siege of Qualthala; Assault on Glorft; Sacking of Trevail; the Draken Campaign and the Siege of Fenrath. * But as the years roll on, the ambitions of the empire expands beyond its initial borders and with every extension of their sovereignty does the grip of the nation stretch thin. Legions on the furthest outskirts are even left to their own devices because the empire is unable to maintain discipline. ##50-16 years ago: >* Supported by many of the wealthiest noble houses and secured by the Black Rose, Boram Darkwill gains his bid for high command as Emperor of Noxus. * However plots of treason against Darkwill's regime is uncovered by a young Jericho Swain. Among the conspirators and unknown to him were his parents, who also happen to be members of the Black Rose. Taking up duty to Noxus over kin, Swain personally handles their execution. Granting him a place with the army. * The reveal of a planned coup seemed to bring about the end of the Black Rose organization. When in reality it was a pre-ordained scheme to hide the organization's public presence on Noxus. Now the cabal could work in total secrecy. ___ * Commander Cyrus conquers the port city of Basilich in the name of the Empire. ___ * After defying the orders of his cowardly senior officer and ensuring an unexpected victory, Darius is rewarded with his own legion to command. ___ * Then under the disguise of uniting nations, emperor Darkwill begins campaigns into foreign lands beyond the continent of Valoran. ## 15-9 years ago: >* Eventually Noxus sets its sight upon the peaceful country of Ionia, there rumours of abundant magicks flow from the lands infinitely. Many Noxians indulged this conquest seeking riches beyond their wildest dreams. * Strangely Darkwill desired immortality instead, with tasking legions to search for it wherever it could possibly be obtained and annihilating anyone who stand in their way. * _(Headcanon)_ Emperor Darkwill sanctions a large scale attack on Bard Mountain in attempt to steal the powerful artefact that the villagers protected, hoping that maybe this orb had immortality properties. ___ * At some point during the war a few Vastaya tribes looking for a better deal ally with Noxus in their conquests of Ionia. * As well as a few heinous Noxian commanders utilizing child soldiers as a means to exploit Ionian compassion. * A fallen Noxian Captain ferries a girl across to Ionia, were her gifts of magic are intended to be used as a glorified weapon. * The notorious pirate captain Gangplank raids numerous Noxian ships and steals General Swain's prized flagship, the Leviathan. ____ * Battle at the Placidium: General Swain and his warhost are overrun by the local militia. Gravely wounded from a confrontation with a blade-witch, Swain's knee is shattered and his arm severed from its shoulder. Hospitalized and sent homeward, Swain is deemed a cripple and cast out of the military. ___ * Commander Emystan enlists the aid of a Zaunite alchemist to help in the war effort against Ionians. * An elite soldier and devote patriot defects from the empire after her warhost is decimated in a chemical test that killed both Ionians and Noxians alike. * An entire martial order integral to the defence of Ionia against Noxus are attacked and hundreds of lives are wiped-out with Chem-bombs. * Villagers continue to be undesired guinea pigs in this new type of destructive warfare in the following years. ___ * At the capital Darius was named the Hand of Noxus _(what happened to the previous?)_ for his patriotic dedication to the empire. Soon after he journeys to Ionia to oversee the war effort. Only to witness first-hand the horrors of the empire's dark determination for dominance. ##8- years ago: >* After his brief time spent in Ionia, Darius is commanded to set a new campaign northward, long into the Freljord domain. He spends years there fighting for control against hordes of frost-harden barbarians in a perpetual stalemate. * A small task-force of Warmason spies are sent to infiltrate Piltover. * Urgot the extremist Headsman is dispatched on a mission in Zaun to root out a plot to usurp the emperor. Under mysterious circumstances Urgot never returns from this mission. * A young couple venture out beyond the furthest reaches of the Noxian border to raise a child and settle a new life away from the empire. ___ * After disappearing from the public light for many years, Swain has gathered an army of supporters and staged a coup upon the Emperor. Casting down Darkwill from his throne and crushing him in view for all to see. Swain takes the role as the new Grand General of Noxus and pulls back the warhosts from Darkwill’s unwinnable campaigns and, with the establishment of the Trifarix, ensured that no individual can rule unopposed. ___ * Darius returns home after a failed endeavour into the Freljord, only to find that the emperor is dead. As Hand, Darius was expected to avenge Darkwill, but he had known and greatly respected the disgraced general Swain. So instead accepted his offer to be a part of the "Council of Three" and rule Noxus in equal partnership. ___ * Somewhere recently within the vast empire, an ancient scythe of Darkin origin is discovered. Bounded and set to be transported to the Immortal Bastion, unfortunately the caravan never made its destination. * Word that a squadron of soldiers had captured a Demacian prince, reaches the capital. Before the runt can be dragged over, the squadron is ambushed and in the chaos the prince escapes. Not without leaving behind samples of his royal blood first. * A noble women returns from Shurima, with the message of a bygone empire's rise from the desert sands, as well as a horrible deforming curse. * The Grand General learns of a secrete tomb within Noxus, where standing a colossal memorial for a forgotten war hero. Re-enlisting the aid of the Black Rose's dark sorcery, they resurrect the sleeping giant within the crypt and set him free upon Noxus enemies once more. ## Unknown: >* A Boy born into abject poverty, were death is commonplace and his obsession with it grows. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oIuPJmsvkPU/WBSLc-USqVI/AAAAAAAAXDc/acYZF7G5PwI4PRiszlxg76Bsf5oF4ttZACLcB/s1600/36.png
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