skin schedule is honestly so fucked

xayah and rakan get skins before kled, taliyah, asol, camille, ivern...... you give lux the lunar skin when she just got this massive ultimate skin that should have disqualified her from getting one for another two years like it did for udyr meanwhile we're only finally getting an illaoi skin after over two years and you give us three mediocre options that illaoi mains didn't ask for not to mention champs like urgot, shen, heimer, rumble, J4, eve, amumu, etc. all still don't have skins in over 2000-1000 days, like [that thread]( on the front page (not counting swain, who hasn't gotten one in 2057 days, since he's 'getting his VGU' oh jeez the horror of finally giving him his dragon master skin). 'oh we don't have ideas for them' THEN THINK HARDER, HIRE MORE ARTISTS, YOU ARE A 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY or nah churn out a cliched white/blue chinese star guardian rehash lux skin only a year after her ultimate because it will sell in china but do absolutely nothing for a whole swathe of the champion pool 'riot's a business' well they're certainly disappointing a few customers this is just so fucked that some champs go fucking years on end with no skins while the same core dozen get them over and over at the expense of others. and champion mains are supposed to be grateful when they finally 'give' a skin to nocturne but its a 750 and he isn't likely to see one for another three years. or when yasuo and riven and their cliched dark/light skins get every stop pulled and a whole event built around them but dragon zyra still has her base VO despite the skin completely changing everything about her
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