My Two Cents on Poppy

Wasn't really sure where to put this to be honest, just thought I'd chime in my thoughts on Poppy since it was just recently announced that she was going to get the Sion treatment. You can swap around Home-Gurls skills as much as balance dictates but the whole theme of being a pint-sized diplomat dishing out pain and justice in equal measure and football charging someone from the enemy team **needs** to stay there. In that regard I think she'd be good as a bruiser or a tank. She definitely should not have access to poke or be much of a lane bully though. She's got to be that champ that you dread trading melee with when you go in to CS because she's a beefy lady with a big-ass blacksmiths hammer and **HER CONVICTIONS WILL NOT FALTER** . Whatever you dish out she will be able to take. To draw a parallel she should come off concept wise as the lady-yordle equivalent of Garen, minus the patriotism and military position. The most important part of the rework for me would be her lore and main concept remaining wholly the same. Like, she was a kid doing an important political job with her dad and her dad was killed by assassins while she had to watch helpless **and** she finished the job for him without asking for a reward when she did. She needs to be the most justicey character that has yet been released. She's not even after revenge on the guys that killed her dad. She's in it for peace and diplomatic unity. After all, Poppys main goal is that **VALORAN WILL KNOW HARMONY**. She's gotta be somber, not sad necessarily, but I don't think that she should really be funny. After all, **SHE DOESNT KNOW ANY JOKES**. Either way as long as her story remains mostly the same and her character stays intact I have faith in Rito delivering a bitchin' Poppy. {{item:3060}} {{champion:78}} **HER REWORK IS NON-NEGOTIABLE**{{champion:78}} {{item:3060}}
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