I'm glad about the swain hype but what about Beatrice?

I mean don't get me wrong I'm not a swain main but i enjoyed him in support role for a good while, but i only saw him looking at the sunset/sunrise. Where's Beatrice? I mean sure their's a bunch of crows around him, some flying around, one on a shield, some in the mess of bones, but wheres the one on his shoulder? Wheres that shoulder perch just for her? Why isn't she looking down that sunset with him? Thought they were inseparable. I mean i can't be the only one that thinks Beatrice is iconic for swain right? I mean if you read his lore the only things consistently known about him that aren't shrouded rumor is that Beatrice is always with him and his vast strategic intelligence. Now I'm not such a blank slate that I pose a question without my own answers for the absence, perhaps Beatrice was the cost of his ambition? maybe? The only reason I doubt that is that there were weird ideas that Beatrice was either controlling/the brains of the operation for swain or that she at least was the reason he was still alive. So i find this answer plausible to some extent but unsatisfactory, so i turn to the lol community to maybe fill the gap with your ideas (something nicer i hope..) That being said I really hope they didn't remove best-bird from the game (IDC what the anivia, azir and quinn mains say) PS- while this isn't nearly as important I also hope he can keep his staff/cane, not so much that he needs it to walk like before but still think it's a classy touch, like even IF he's a front-line dark mage he still has the class of a noble ruler, if that makes sense...
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