So PROJECT Akali is apparently a double agent...

I really have mixed thoughts about this. It first came to my attention that Akali might not actually be against the PROJECT corporation after all when a friend of mine pointed out her recall, and how the PROJECT bots actually seemed to take her away somewhere, and not actually attack her. We all immediately disliked it, since Akali's archetype is based off of being a ROGUE. She was a rebel, she didn't like having a master, she was someone who struck out and made her own path. Making her actually with the "big bad" seemed a REALLY awful decision to make, in terms of what Akali's character was supposed to represent. And soon enough, Pyke's voicelines and her official skin bio confirmed Akali was in fact a double-agent, or a turncoat. Since I've thought about it a bit more, my feelings about this has gone from all negative to somewhat mixed. I'm not completely against the idea of there being a double-agent. But why Akali? Couldn't they have picked someone else? Is it maybe not that bad of an idea? Maybe Riot simply wanted to do something different with Akali's character than simply filling in the rogue archetype in every single universe she's in. Maybe they wanted to do something different with her, and this was their chance? Or is this simply going too much against her character? Is this even a good idea lorewise? Between adding Warwick and somehow making Jinx become influenced by Program, not to mention the character designs of the skins in general, this really stands out to me as one of Riot's bizarre decisions concerning this skinline. I honestly don't know what to think. I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts are.
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