In Special Interactions, Does Janna Count As A Demi-God?

I was watching the new Ezreal Special Interactions, and noticed he has a few lines when encountering a champion in the "Demi-God" category. I just wanted to know if Janna falls under this category. In the League Universe, the term "Demi-God" has been used mostly when refering to the Freljordian gods, those being Anivia, Volibear, and Ornn. This is drawn directly from the real world definition of Demi-God, but thanks to modern media is used when talking talking about somebody who's half human and half divine, however, the real world defintion really is just "a lesser or minor god" which Janna does fall under. Also, are there any other champions that fall under the classification of Demi-God aside from the Freljoridan gods? The only ones that come to mind are Janna, Kindred, and Rammus. I really wish Riot would expand upon the different races and beings that make up their roster, similar to how they did with the Vastaya.
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