New Ultimate Skin Technology So I know I am a few days late to the party, but I just saw DJ Sona, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. The skin is great, but what really got my attention is the ability to change the in game music via a skin. This is a new technology for league that I find really fantastic! It fits sona well, but now that the technology is in place to do such things, it majorly ups the possibilities of what can come in the future, as well as opens opportunities for what exists in the past. I would like to make a suggestion for an update with Spirit Guard Udyr and Pulsefire Ezreal: They each have themes (as shown in the video links below). How cool would it be if the person playing them (an not others, that should be a sona exclusive thing) had the option to toggle the in game music to their theme songs? I had one game as Spirit Guard Udyr once where my client crashed, and when I relogged and reconnected, the login music was stuck on loop for the duration of the match, and it was **EPIC**. Now that such a thing is technologically in place and possible, it could make these skins even more amazing than they are. Imagine the possibilities this technology holds! What do you think community? ----- Also, for fun, here are some Ultimate Skin transition gifs I made to go with the hype. Enjoy!
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