Celestial Titans in Ionia - Balance, Syndra, Awaken

Hi everyone! As a follow up to [another thread of mine](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/48wZ2nKg-random-idea-the-ionian-wars-and-their-remnants), I’d like to talk about the recent addition to the [Vastaya’s lore page]( https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/race/vastaya/). We now know that in an ancient time, there were titans that plagued Ionia. They came “From the skies above”, which implies that they were Celestials or, at the very least, of Celestial construct. ######**_~~Possible plot hook for Ionia?~~_** So obviously, at first, I’ll mention what that means for Ionia. You’ll notice that the page tells that the titans were _defeated_ but it does **not** specify that they were killed. The end of the page even hints towards the fact that these things _may_ be coming back… This would be very interesting as a plot hook for Ionia, because right now they don’t have much. There’s a conflict stirring… And that’s about it. And most of Ionia’s lore revolves a lot around Noxus… Which is problematic because, from Awaken… Noxus is coming back. And I’d like Ionia to have intern storylines. And I think that’s the perfect opportunity! Imagine celestial titans coming coming back, and Ionians having to unite (which would be interesting to see) to defeat them! It would finally get things moving! But why and how? Bear with me, for what is about to follow is gonna be very, VERY mindblowing. _Disclaimer, I'm probably going too far, but I love doing crazy theories so..._ ######**_~~Balance, trees, Syndra, Awaken~~_** _***~~Balance is a shield~~***_ So let’s talk about that first. We know the balance between realms was restored, and that it caused the Vastayashai’rei’s powers to wane. Why? We know Ionia is highly spiritual, but if the balance was so bad for them, why did they put their effort into keeping the balance? After all, other mortals lived there too, so it’s a proof that they had the possibility to do so. I think that the Balance was installed because of the titans. I do not think they were killed, but that they were trapped. And that Balance is a shield, preventing them from coming back, which would be why the Kinkou was formed, and why the Spirit of Ionia is guiding Ionia on a path to Balance as well. _***~~Syndra, destroyer of shield and harbinger of doom~~***_ Because a post of mine wouldn't be a post of mine without some Syndra in it... The reason why I think the previous thing is partly because of what happened to Syndra. When she threw her tantrum and disrupted the spirituality of Fae’lor, she was causing a mass disruption in the Balance. While there are many different possibilities as to why the Spirit intervened to stop Syndra, I believe that this could be one of them. By disturbing the Balance, Syndra could shatter this shield that I’m talking about, leading to the awakening of these titans. Another thing I’d like to mention is that this could very much tie in to Syndra’s powers and their origin. As some of you may know, very powerful characters in other IPs often get their powers by their association with another entity. The one closest to my theory is Wanda with Chthon. What if Syndra had been gifted these powers from one of these titans to serve as their harbinger? Not that she would follow that path, but it could be interesting since she’s all about making her own choices, how would she feel if some ulterior forces had made her the way she is? It would give her Celestial and Spiritual powers, a blend of the two making her the powerhouse she is today. She did create a crown out of nothing, and creation is the proper of Celestial magic isn’t it? I think it could fit, and it’d be interesting? But why her? Well… _***~~The trees, the locks of the prison~~***_ So… Again, do remember that this is some crazy theorizing. What if there were trees, VERY important trees around Ionia (not the God-Willow from Ivern’s story) that are the “locks” to these titans’ prison? Syndra’s story said that she would often flee to her favourite hiding spot, the ghost-willow, a very important tree that had nourished the land and its people, who in turn nourished it. What if this tree was one of the locks? By going there very often, one of these imprisoned titans maybe managed to “touch” Syndra and imbue her with celestial powers, hoping that she would set them free due to her uncontrolled emotions, destroying the balance in the process. It’s a bit far-fetched and I myself am not sure how I like this, but it could work? Okay, but this is just one tree. What can make you say that with this much confidence? _***~~Awaken, everyone to the rescue of a tree~~***_ As we can see in Awaken, Irelia is protecting a village with some random villagers who appear not to be good fighters. Why? Why stay when they could just flee, gather more forces? Why force some random villagers to fight…? Well, let’s see it that way. What if the village was very important? We can see, in a few shots, that there’s a tree that particularly stands out at the centre of the village. What if this was another “lock”? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/457316449594245150/635891196778250250/unknown.png That could explain why 5 champions decide to go to one place just to defend a single village. Furthermore, Kennen’s presence as a member of the Kinkou would also be explained – if destroying the village has such a terrible cost for Balance, the Kinkou would intervene. And it would be a better explanation than “Kennen just left Shen to fight lul”. __________________________________ So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this crazy theory time with me! Tell me what you think! Can it be an interesting plot hook for Ionia? Does it make sense to you? Or am I going too far? Just let me know!
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