Please tell me these Blitz skins are not keeping that ridiculous walk animation

These skins look really amazing, and the people who worked on them deserve raises, all of them. But come on, seriously? You expect me to believe that a giant mecha with jets for feet still waddles around like a duck? That's a deal breaker if I've ever seen one. Edit: Alright, so now that the skin has been confirmed to be left with that run animation with the reasoning that giving him a fitting run animation would make him unreadable as Blitz, I will now make my rebuttal. 1. Considering in draft pick all of the champion portraits use base splash and not skin splash, it would be immediately obvious that it's Blitzcrank. (LOADING SCREEN WOULD SAY LANCER PARAGON/ROGUE BLITZCRANK) 2. Battle Boss Blitzcrank looks nothing like his original model, has its own running animation, and falls under the same price category. 3. What other champion in this game has similar posture and shape as Blitz? 4. So much controversy has been generated over these skins by now that people will know it's blitz just because they'll recognize the skin everyone was saying should get its own run animation
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