So with the dark water skins coming

Can we just like.. I don't know, revamp Kassadin's old terrible deep one skin to go with this line or something? Its just so old compared to every other water themed skin now, I can't help but get a little jealous. I won't even ask for a new skin, Riot, just... Please, good god, someone give my main the tiniest speck of love in the universe with something like this. When his daughter was released I expected something big for him, and then, well, nope. Nothing happened. He just feels so... Utterly neglected. Dunno if this counts as a rant or not, I mean I'm not MAD at the new skins for existing. Water skins are my favorite theme out of anything in the game, and Diana's and Vlad's LOOK great. I just kind of wish **his** could exist as something more than it is. He isn't on the priority list for reworks, so there's not even hope in waiting for a full visual update to save his older skins or anything. He's just going to continue being entirely ignored. {{item:3040}} Look, guys, I've cried for so long that its not even a tear anymore.
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