Confusing details about Lore and the world of League

League is a big, in development world. Constantly being retconned, and spontaneously being expanded (Death Realm and new region Ixtal). As such, many of the necesarry fine details of many worlds, realms, creatures and such, are, for unknown reasons, even after years, still being denied to us. So, i want to make a smal list of all the details that boggle my mind regarding lore[.]( -------------------------------- 1 - **The After Life** We have Nagakebourous, Ionian spirits, Shadow Isles and Deep water ghosts, Mordekaiser's Death realm, and Kindred. With Mord's recent color story "The Final Reign" we learn of a realm where many souls go, then seemingly vanish into oblivion. Is this a limbo? Is this really the afterlife for all? Or only a particular few? We have no idea. Is it ONE of the realms of death? I would imagine so, after all, who are the spirits who speak to Karma? Where are they speaking from? Illaoi claims that souls re-enter Nagakebourous and are re-incarnated in a circle of life. Which souls? Do they pass through this death realm? If not why? Do the souls Mord claims "Vanish into Oblivion" really stop existing like the souls who are deleted when fighting the Void? or is that "Oblivion" they pass into another plane? Another realm or Re-incarnation? and Where does Kindred factor into who goes where? The afterlife in League is very confusing, and it would help massively if the lore team could flesh out the concrete details of how it works to better understand many champions tied to it. 2 - **Gods and Cosmic beings** We got the Dark Star, Void Gods, Nagakebourous, Targon, the Demi-gods of Feljord, Celestials and others. What their reach is, how they where made, what laws and powers do they operate under, is all a mystery. Who is a "god" and who is just a ridiculously powerful being (Like Aurelion) is a not said. What even classifies them as gods in this world? Nagakebourous seems very real, but we have no idea what he is as the only connection we have to it, Illaoi, doesnt even seem to understand it acording to Aurelion. As does this Dark Star which the DarkStar enteties serve, which may or may not be in the main universe (we know they exist in the Odessey universe), but the only hint that they also preside in the main timeline is Aurelion's quote of "The depth of space crawl with terrible entities, pray they ignore this world", is the "Dark Star" just synonimous to all Black Holes or one particular Dark Hole which has a conscienceless and plan? Are they tied to the Watchers/Void Gods? They share the same goal of annihilating everything so one would think they would. 3 - **Aliens** We know from Aurelion and the Targonians that League universe is littered with worlds with Sentient life, ie, Aliens. What role do they play? and how come they have never jumped worlds? The only details we have off Valoranic entities are the Space Horrors we know as Dark Star and the Targonians. But these countless worlds filled with Life, do they influence at all or are they just fodder to tell us how horrible and powerful these other entities are? 4 - **The Spirit Realm** This one ties into point 1. Many champions, such as Yummi, Shen, Karma, Udyr, and other have ties to this supposed and many times mentioned realm. If "spirits" go here, is it an afterlife? Or are "Spirits" other type of entities all together in the sense of life and death? It would seem this Spirit realm is NOT the Death Realm, and if so, and is indeed a destination for deceased beings of Valoran, serves the idea that there are many realms of Afterlife. If not, it would seem to be a different realm, with its own type of living ethereal beings that we call "Spirits" but are NOT infact, the souls of the deceased passing on to another life/realm. Which just adds to the confusion of understanding this world and its rules. 5 - **Aurelion Sol** The big daddy dragon is probably in himself one of the biggest mysteries. According to him, all stars come from him. According to the evil lying bastard sociopath Zoe, he is himself lying and all stars do not, infact, come from him (Between the two, i believe the Dragon over the Aspect of Trickery/Lies/Mischief). If so, what would the universe be without him? He claims "Stars are not Born, they are made, by ME", you guys probably dont know much about Astronomy to understand the universal implications that statement means, and the importance he has on the universe if it is true. What other beings are on his level? Is he unique or a unique being of his species(Space Dragons)? 6 - **Targon** Everything pretty much. What they really are, how they work, what their goals, origin, controls, people, all of it. They have the biggest influence on Valoran and _we know more about the fucking VOID_ and how it works than we do about them. Like come on! ------------------- Those are my main gripes, massive holes i wish Riot would really fill in to better understand the world. It would probably also help in building it, as you need a concrete floor and laws in your own world to make it work in a believable way. I could list other things, such as Demons, The World Runes and Yordles, but they are minor compared to these 6. I just wish Riot would flesh them out and not in the format they have been doing but rather just chunky pages/paragraphs in a similar fashion to the way things are explained in the world map.
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